Out of Bed Today!…Tomorrow.. Pants!!

Sorry! No updates this time, trust me I wish there were, but I just wanted to thank so many of you who have offered words of encouragement, prayers, good wishes, positive vibes and just all who share in my shock and disappointment.  I am a linguist by profession, of course in Romanic languages, but seeing … Continue reading Out of Bed Today!…Tomorrow.. Pants!!


What? How? I Can’t Even………

Peru has really outdone themselves this time.  Soooo, last I left you, we were waiting for  approval to adopt a sibling group of 2.  Remember? I was complaining because they were taking longer than the 10 days they are suppose to have (FYI we were going on 3.5 weeks).  Well I thought that was the … Continue reading What? How? I Can’t Even………

Oh Peru you never disappoint!

Why would I think that they will ever meet their own deadlines in approvals?  That's my fault, I know how we Peruvians are.  We have never been on time or early for anything.  That's just how we roll people!  If it wasn't that I married into the military where, apparently, it is frown upon to … Continue reading Oh Peru you never disappoint!

5 Kinds of People that Make Me Avoid the Adoption Topic

Generally I love talking about our adoption with people who are truly interested about our progress and our feelings about it.  Most people we encounter may ask a few strange questions but we always know they have the best intention of learning about what we are facing. I also don't expect people NOT going through … Continue reading 5 Kinds of People that Make Me Avoid the Adoption Topic

Things I’ve Learned Through Adoption

NOTHING......that's right, I have learned NOTHING!!  I don't know what to tell you people, 5 years in and I don't know what the hell I'm doing.  So I guess, that is what I have learned......that I know nothing.  I have learned that the process is so individualized that you can only document the official paperwork … Continue reading Things I’ve Learned Through Adoption