Oh What a Year!

Today is exactly one year since we arrived back in the states with our completed family. It has been a whole year already!! It's interesting that things are as uncertain and scary as they were one year ago but for completely different reasons. The world is different once again for us. Currently there's an unstoppable [...]

Life with Peru Kids

Here is a much owed update. This, of course, before I transition the blog into RAISING PERU KIDS. I will keep Adopt Peru for the purpose of information and timeline regarding Peru adoptions but I think we are going to learn and grow from here on as we navigate the challenges of raising 3 Peru [...]

And just like that, We are home! part 2.

This past Wednesday we were up at 5am because the US Embassy was about an hour from our apartment and we would be going around peak rush hour so we needed to be early. This was one appointment I was NOT missing. Getting into the Embassy was interesting. I had to leave my purse and [...]

And just like that, We are home! part 1.

We went from no movement and stress over nothing being done to a crazy run to the finish line. This week was unbelievably stressful. Over the past weekend I was concerned that the last DNI had not come back. I was starting to worry that there was something wrong with the documents we submitted and [...]

Please Peru Let us Go!!

Yes we are still in Lima! Two weeks ago the kids became officially our children and a week and a half ago the silent period was over and we began doing the paperwork needed to change their personal info and start visas. We requested DNIs last Monday and that was a whole day event since [...]