Well we have been in the midst of finishing up more paperwork, this time for the final approval and the ‘go-ahead’ to fly out to get our kids. As if 5 years of paperwork wasn’t enough we are needing to repeat all that information in a nice little package that finally solidifies the fact that a) We are not weird psychopaths, b)We really are serious about this adoption thing and c)These kids (who now have names) are really orphans and we are not buying them in the black market. (Wait, is this last one a thing? Because 5 years was a long time…Kidding, just kidding please don’t write me any letters). That sounds horrid! Anywhoooo, we really thought we were done with the paperwork but here we are checking and re-checking more information and filling and re-filling documents upon documents not to mention writing one check after another. That’s the part that’s got us as stressed as a pink slip holding person who just bought a house. We had to buy new beds and mattresses and linens and holy crap if you have stock with Amazon we are doing you a solid. Yup, still a little salty I didn’t win the megabillions but at least we have our health and family and friends blah, blah, blah #blessed (said with rolling eyes). A billion though!! Moving on! We just finished our announcement cards with a photoshoot we did as a family a few weeks back and they came out so cute and although we have not gotten the cards back to send out, if you are reading this blog you get a preview of one of the pictures, you are welcome. I have also decided that while we are en-route and in Peru I will be doing a vlog right here instead. So you will get to experience the journey we will be on in a nice little video blog. It will be just as raw and real as I write but I must warn you, in real life I drop way more many F-bombs and there is no return button soooooo it is what it is people. I am really not sure what all the feels are going to be in this journey so we will ALL discover (icy heart) Jessica in a NEW situation together, yeeeeyyy! Fingers crossed for the state department to give as the go-ahead soon!

Ok I lied, I’m showing you 3 🙂

So it has been a hot minute since we were officially approved by Peru to adopt the kids and we accepted quasi-graciously. The next step is to get the paperwork done for the USCIS to be allowed to travel to Peru to get them. The form is called Petition to Classify Convention Adoptee as an Immediate Relative I-800. This, of course, is being done by our agency and requires the children’s birth certificate, our homestudy and their files all translated into english. We need this to happen yesterday since the state department’s turn around time for this paperwork is averaging 3-4 weeks and we want to be back before christmas with them or at least before the new year. We recently made each of the kids a box that we will be mailing with a picture book of us, their new family, their new home, new pet and letters to each one. Friends of ours are also organizing an adoption shower for us which I had no idea was a thing until I googled it. So this weekend I sat down and began putting together a registry of immediate needs like sweaters and turtlenecks and I realized that these kids are going from the best tropical climate ever to…well…whatever this season is in NY. We have 4 seasons here and lately they have all been felt in one day. I have also realized that I cannot work on this registry for too long because it gives me anxiety about all the things we need to prepare for this new squad. Girls need a lot of stuff!! Full disclosure, the thought of us being ready or not, escalates quickly these days. I start out with making a list of all the things we need for them and end up questioning all my life choices that might or might not make me a suitable parents for these 3. Yada, yada, yada and its 10pm I have a drink in my hand and the song “Cat’s in the cradle” is playing on a loop. Yup, the crazy has come full strength. I then have to be reminded that I have already successfully-ish raised a human from baby to adulthood. You can say all you want about our parenting but I’m visiting this one in college and not jail soooo BOOM…Nailed it!! He is also a good compassionate and kind little human so I think we did alright for our first try. Now if we can just remember what we did and do it with 3 at the same time….oooooooh…. I see where parents might lose their mind. Oh dear lord I just did math, two of us, three of them. It might just be a frat house up in here for a bit, you know, a lot of late nights, some throw-up, a lot of yelling and things getting broken but I’m confident that we will live through this just in time to see them through their teenage years….OMG annnnnddd there’s tonight’s featured insomnia material 😦

Gifts ready to go!!

And just like that, There will be 3 less orphans in Peru. Last Thursday we were officially matched with a sibling group of 3. AAAHHHHHHH did I say 3!!!! Yes, we are bringing 3 Peru babies to join this chaotic, loud, loving and hot mess of a family. We waited 5 long years for this and when it finally happened we were shocked, excited, nervous, elated….basically we had all the feelings. ALL of them. We have no idea what happens next but right now we are basking in the knowledge that these 3 kids are now ours and God help them we will be their parents. They are requiring us to write a letter formally accepting their match. Uhmmmm what? I literally just wrote a letter practically begging you to match us with these children and now you want me to write a letter letting you know that we are cool with it? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, NOT. So basically this is the letter I wanted to write:

Dear DGA,

After ‘thinking’ about it for 5 flipping years and after considering all the crap you have put us through, the thousands of dollars we have already spent on this and all the sweat and tears that have been shed throughout our process we have decided that with all due respect, just cut the formal bullshit and let me go get my kids so we can begin to give them the life they deserve. So to answer your question, uhmmm DUH YES we accept and hope that everything from here on goes much smoother than it has for….again…5 flipping YEARS!!


Of course, what I will actually write is the excitement we feel about being matched and how much we are looking forward to going to meet and bring them home.
Another thing we are excited about is that now when someone asks us how the process is going, and trust me, people will. We can say we are almost done!! We are getting our kids soon. Everyone we know is happy for us….or maybe is a mix between those that are happy that this process is finally over and those that finally believe that we are, in fact, really adopting like we have been saying for so long! Either way they are happy! A lot are surprised that its 3 kids, and believe me I am a little nervous myself but I know we will be just fine.

Just so you can see the hot mess of a family they will be joining, let me share a text conversation between my dear husband and my sister. Just a little background info: There are 3 of us in my family, my oldest brother Danny, me (Jessica) and my youngest sister Priscilla.


Personally, I would say she would have picked the Jessica but my brother Danny is her favorite so that seems fair. We kid but we are happy to bring all 3 home real soon and then, like any mom, as they grow up, decide who is my favorite and lie to the others…..that’s right mom, I’m on to you 🙂

Last Friday we get a call from our agency with the urgency to get the USCIS approval we had just received apostilled and sent directly to Peru because the DGA was meeting the following Wednesday. It was an unscheduled meeting and they needed to have our approval there Monday for us to be considered. What ensued next was nothing short of a “An Amazing Race” episode where yours truly was NOT a winner. First of all I was getting a very needed haircut at the moment which ended abruptly when I heard I needed to run to NYC to get this done. Yes I have yet to return to the salon to get the finish product but for now, let’s call this haircut freestyle layers. It is 10:20 at this point and I have to run home, pick up the approval and drive to the train station to take the 11:15 which will have me in the city by noon. Having done this trek a bajillion times in our 5 years at this, I know that I have to be in the NY Deparment of State office by 1:30 today or they will no longer do it while I wait. Since I still had to take the subway downtown and walk a few blocks not to mention I had to buy a money order since hubby decided today of all days to take the checkbook to work, it was going to be a challenge. After I ripped hubby a new one on the phone for the inconvenience of looking for a money order seller(which he took like a champ since he knew I didn’t mean it and I was just frustrated) I jumped in the car and I was off. I arrived at the office at 1:24 only to see the line was already ginormous and I know from experience that at 1:30 they stop the line and tell people to either leave the papers to be done and picked up the following business day or to come back. There were 4 people still in front of me at 1:30 but they chose to stop the line two people after me so I was good! First obstacle done! When I got to the window however, I was told that they could not apostille the paper because it was not notarized. I panicked!! This isn’t my first rodeo and I know that since this paper was already sent by the federal government (Homeland Security) it was already at the highest authority thus no need to notarize it, I thought. I was wrong, very, very wrong! Apparently I needed to have an affidavit stating what the paper was and this paper had to be notarized and authenticated before it could be apostilled. It was already 1:40. The lady saw I was almost in tears and told me that if I make it back before 3(they close at 3:30) she will get it done for me. With that information the race was on. My first step was to find a notary. I ran into law offices and banks for three blocks, shout out to the notary at TD bank who saw me in tears and notarized my paper even though I don’t bank with them. Second obstacle completed. I then ran to the NYC courthouse as fast as I could. I knew this running for exercise was going to pay off someday, by now it was 2:25. I made the line to authenticate the notary and I was feeling good about my timeline until I got to the counter. Apparently since the approval had been sent to my husband, even though my name appeared as spouse, he was supposed to have gotten the affidavit himself, so all the running around I did and all the money I had just spent was for nothing because they could not authenticate it therefore it could not be apostilled. Third obstacle, failed. I left there a mess! Uneven hair wet from rain and sweat from running and tears. That train ride back home was the worst. On an up note, the train was full but I had the whole seat to myself, since no one dared sit next to the crazy looking emotional girl. When I got home my representative promised to present a copy on Wednesday and crossing our fingers they just might allow it. We also heard they might meet again at the end of the month. With that information hubby and I made the trek into the city Monday morning got the job done and paid to overnight the precious document straight to Peru. Here’s hoping Wednesday we get good news!!

So it appears that the universe always sends us good things just in time to keep us from completely losing our s&%$. Well this time it was two things, kinda waiting for the third (don’t things happen in 3s?). Anyway, the first one is that hubby is on the list to be promoted effective September 1st! Colonel in the house!!! He also just got a new position, that I should know what it is and I feel like a jerk for not learning but I will find out ASAP because it seems super important. This one of course is the best news but the next one is hella exciting for me. I recently made the list of Top 100 Mom blogs of 2018. Since there are, I’m sure, a bajillion moms and gazillion of those moms might have blogs, I think this is pretty special. Let’s just hope nobody is getting fired for choosing this one. Just in case, no givesies backsies, and if I could lick the widget I already placed on my site I would (and I just sort’a did). Well, well, well what do you know, you are not reading garbage and people like this blog. Ooooh now I feel like I have to step my game. Yeah….. I don’t do new stuff, it kind’a seems like a lot of work for a widget. Sorry but this is what you get.

Here is the crap I had to buy with his new rank….FYI NOT CHEAP 😦

And this is the fancy little widget I got to put on my site…..FYI FREE 🙂