Paperwork, paperwork and……oh more paperwork!

I mailed our initial application to our home study agency…..not to be confused with our placement agency, yaaaaaayy!!  This went with our first painfully written check of 850 dollars, YIKES!  Well thank goodness for uncle sam’s tax credit on adoptions.  Well I guess I won’t thank him yet, it will be our luck that as soon as we are done with the process they stop giving those out.

Regardless, it felt good finally getting it all to the agency so we can start the home study, I even splurged for the priority shipping so it will get there faster.  Baker Victory Services said that once they receive and review my application they will be in contact with the social worker assigned to our case and we can proceed.  I am assuming our background check must clear and it wouldn’t hurt if my check clears as well………let’s see which one goes first, just kidding our check is good and so are we!

I am slowly but surely allowing myself to get excited about the process.  For a while it just seemed overwhelming and difficult.  We still have not told many people about this so even this blog is not being shared to family and friends.  I think once our home study is under way and we feel like we would have information to share with them we can be more open.  To tell you the truth if it was up to me I would wait as long as I can to tell our parents….say…. when we need them to babysit:) “surpriiiiseee this is your new grandchild”.  I guess that won’t be nice.  Well for now we just don’t want to answer questions that are still unknown to us.  But maybe soon!



Lessons learned:

  • When working with two agencies make 3 folders with contact person/info; 1.  Home study agency papers             2. Placement agency papers  3.  Paperwork to be filled out at a later date (you can get ahead doing it now)
  • Keep a copy of everything you send out (in case it is lost) date it is mailed and a record of the money that is paid (for an accurate cost and tax purposes).
  • Keep a journal or a blog of the process, you might wanna share this with that child in the future, or to help other potential adoptive parents.


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