Why are things going soooo slow….

Things have slowed down to a crawl and that is very discouraging.  I know that it will take a while to run the background checks for all those states we have lived in but I feel like we have not heard from the agency for a little while and that makes me nervous.  I know we are not the only couple they are helping but I wish they would keep in touch and keep the communication going with how things are progressing.  That would definitely make a us feel like they haven’t forgotten about us.  We were fingerprinted for the state of NY on Monday so hopefully things can move a bit faster once that clears.  We have also started to talk about money.  How much we will need for this, how much we need to save, where are we going to move it from or borrow from and how much it sucks that there is, in fact, no money tree.  Sometimes I think that with so many children needing homes in this world it is a sin that someone is making SO much money simply matching us up.

We finally mailed the initial application to our placement agency (Villa Hope).  They will now start a file for us and they are just waiting to get our completed home study.  They will evaluate and start a dossier which they will send to Peru in hopes that they see us fit and match us up with potential children.  Oh my God just saying that made me giddy!  I can’t wait until we are in that stage.  Right now I can’t even see the tunnel……no I can’t even see the highway that takes you to the toll booth, that takes you to the tunnel with the proverbial light at the end.

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