It takes a village…….

It takes a village to adopt…….. a village of professionals that is!  I feel like I need to have a notary public on retainer….and maybe a lawyer, and a social worker and perhaps a psychologist….we could maybe throw in a massage therapist in there.  So last friday we finally received the paperwork for background/child abuse checks of 7 states, yup you heard right 7 states.  We needed to fill out one form for each of us and some needed to be notarized some needed witnesses and a few needed money, of course.  Yeah that’s right Missouri you are a bit steep, I hope you work fast!  I have to say all of them came from the agency with an envelope already stamped for return and with most of the forms filled with our information.  Now I am not sure if all the agencies work this way but that ROCKED!!  It had directions and clear areas for signatures and best of all we send them all back to them and they send them out to the corresponding states.  That was fabulous because I wouldn’t be able to keep it all straight.  Yesterday we also received a receipt for the $850 we gave as an application fee.  I was very excited to see this and here’s why.  I feel like when you cash my check you are telling me that you are now committed to working for me and you are telling me that your agency is now contracted to complete a service needed for the process of adoption.  Most of all I loved seeing “for homestudy” on the receipt because this means the party has officially begun.  Cue the waterworks!!

For the initial application we had to name 3 people who could give the agency some character references.  Basically someone who can vouch for us being essentially decent people and in our case loving parents etc, etc.  Those letters have been sent this week by the 3 we chose but we have no idea what they have said.  I know these people will write great things about us but I am still a little nervous about it.  I feel like there is something the agency wants to hear that they may not have said, or there is some kind of standard they are looking for maybe.  Ugh I may just be over analyzing this whole thing.

Well things are moving steady again so I am ecstatic!  I feel like as long as there is something I need to do, fill out or send we are working to complete this and we are still in the agency’s radar and that makes me feels hopeful.

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