One agency done, one to go!

The social worker came for her final visit, yes we were surprised too, only two visits.  She asked us a few more questions like do we know what’s left on our packet before consideration for placement?, Can we talk about discipline strategies?  She also asked us about training.  Ok, so for international adoptions, as in domestic ones, we must complete a web-based training on things like, adopting an older child (even if you are not), attachment issues, and obvious differences in families that may call attention from people and prompt them to ask really stupid questions like, How much did your child cost? Why don’t you get an american kid instead? and my favorite Where his/her real parents on drugs/alcoholics? REALLY? ARE YOU SERIOUS? people actually are that stupid to ask questions that insensitive that it prompts a ridiculously long 2 hour training session on how to respond.  I tell you what if, just if, I haven’t punched you in the face for not only being so stupid and insensitive but for actually voicing your stupid comments in my direction.  My answer to that would be, Who lets you out every morning and how is this any of your business? End of training.  Anyway back to the training; the cost for the international adoption training is about 150$ and it takes about an hour or 2 to complete each section (there are 5) and once you are done you must take a test on the information.  Word of advice, do not try to skip or fast towards the end, they know.  We got two of them back to redo because we spent too little time on it.  They also read each and every one of your answers, oh right, it is NOT multiple choice questions.  There are only five questions per test per session but they require you to answer in very thought out sentences.  Lets just say the box allows 1500 words per answer.  I was lucky to do 300 at most.  Not because I didn’t know what to answer but I thought my 300 words covered it. Here is the link to the site:  Adoption Learning Partners

We are now done with the Baker Victory Agency, our agency in NY, at least until we have to do post placement visits with the social worker.  We have recently began filling out the information that our placement agency Villa Hope requires to start putting together our dossier (the book-like document that goes to Peru explaining who we are).  This is where most of the eye and mouth opening chunk of loot is dropped.  This application goes with 6000$ yikes!!  But it is bringing us closer to bringing home Peru child and that is priceless.

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