I’m Drowning in Paperwork

We are currently in the process of filling out the paperwork that will go to Peru.  All this paperwork needs to be certified and apostilled.  This means that a certified public notary working in the county they live in, must certify that our birth certificates, our marriage license and our medical records must be authenticated and verified that it is ours and they are legal by a state level verification (apostilled).  In the state of NY there are only two ways to do this; either go to New York City and wait the 5+ hours that this wonderful state agency requires you to wait clearly for shits and giggles or mail everything to Albany and wait for them to return everything in a ‘reasonable’ timeframe.  I opted for the lost day in NYC!

While we are taking care of certifying papers there are also many other documents that Peru requires.  Every country has very specific requirements and documents they need to fulfill their paperwork from prospective adoptive parents.  Peru likes to see pictures…..LOTS AND LOTS of pictures.  Pictures of the house, every room, back yard, front door, family trips, extended family…..they like pictures.  Peru also requires a very extensive psychological and psychiatric evaluation, jokes on you Peru I am a product of the motherland, born and raised there and so I come with a healthy mixture of crazy, loud, and exotic magnetism.

At this moment we have a few things going on, the home study is being reviewed by our placement agency so we can finally get it apostilled.  At the same time, we are getting our own papers (ie: birth/marriage license, medical evaluations etc.)  Keep in mind that we have to work carefully regarding time because certain documents have expiration dates.  For example, the psychological evaluations and apostilled papers are only good for a year, while the medical evaluations are only good for 3 months.  I am not really sure what Peru thinks will happen to us in 3 months but my doctor isn’t even that worried since I only see him every year.

The summer is now approaching and I just finished teaching the spring semester.  I now have more time to do the running around, filling out documents and making sure this process gets a kick into second gear.  Watch out NY I am going to apostille the crap out of these documents:).



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