And just like that the summer is over

Well to be perfectly honest NY was cheated in the summer department this year.  We may have had 4 good days where the temperatures went over 95.  The beaches were cold the nights were cool and breezy.  Fall was anxious to arrive and we saw trees losing their leaves as early as late August.  Its just as well, this summer we didn’t take a true vacation.  We concentrated on getting adoption paperwork completed and saving money for travel once things are finalized.


This summer I learned that you have to time your paperwork just right.  You have to know where to begin with the documents other wise you risk something expiring before you get the others done.  For example, the homeland security paperwork Form I-800a takes about a month and a half to complete, so that should be the first thing you should do after receiving your completed and reviewed homestudy.  The chest x-rays and physical  evaluation, on the other hand, only lasts for 3 weeks so that should be the last thing you do before sending in everything to your placing agency.

This summer I also learned that we have the worst health insurance EVER.  If you are in my situation here is a word of advice, shop around for the cheapest mental health professional you could possibly find.  Our insurance does not cover psychological and psychiatric evaluations, now you may find this hard to believe since my husband is in the military with a few deployments under his belt, well short of him acting crazy on one of those meetings I guess we will have to pay for those out of pocket.  I had quotes from 1500 per family member to 200$ an hour seeing the whole family together in 5-7 hours.  Guess which one I chose?  Full disclosure I am not sure if she has an office or if we just sit on the floor with incense but whatever gets this done right?

And the one last thing I learned this summer was we really really can’t wait until we get that call with a match!

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