No I’m not crazy my mother had me tested…

Here is another part of the dossier particular to Peru (I believe) that is a bit tricky.  Peru requires you to do a psychological and psychiatric evaluation of the family.  Most of the time evaluations like these are not covered by your insurance so it must come out of pocket.  This documents has an expiration of 1 year so try to do this as you wait for the I-800 forms to be approved, but certainly before your physical evaluation (chest x-rays etc) that one only last 3 months.  The way it works is this; Peru requires a license Phd Psychologist to do the bulk of the evaluation and sessions after a report of the family has been gathered we then take this to a psychiatrist who then reads it meets with us if anything needs to be elaborated further and creates his letter of approval.  This means that once the psychologist has done most of the work the psychiatrist can then take credit (and pay) for ……well essentially reading.  That must burn those in the psychology profession.

After hearing the most comedic and utterly ridiculous quotes on the evaluations ranging from 1500 per family member to 500 per hour per family member.  We found a psychologists through the city’s mental health department that was willing to see us for 200$ an hour and she was willing to see Chris and I together and Charlie for 30 minutes at most.  All in all it will take 5-6 hours for the whole evaluation so we are looking at maybe $1200 for the whole thing.

This saturday we had our first 2 hr session with Dr. Karen Long and she was amazing.  She was fast and concise and was making sure she was hitting all the questions on the evaluation as fast as she can so we can get this done as quickly as possible and of course for less money.  I have to say we are also enjoying these sessions, specially the parts were we discuss our relationship in general and parenting.  We realized I’m terrible at compromising and Chris is terribly inconsistent with his discipline.  We are going to rock this next parenting:).  Our Charlie is an amazing little boy but the first child is always a trial and error session.  We apparently did a great job so far (bragging rights) and we certainly learned a lot so we are super ready for the next one.  Bring it Peru!

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