Things seem to be moving along

Last saturday was the last of our sessions with the psychologist and all we have left to do is fill out some questionnaires and she can begin her report.  Once I get the report from her I can schedule the psychiatric review and we will be done with the mental health requirement.  Well, almost! As part of the assessment our child also has to be evaluated separately.  Its about a 20 to 30 minute session with the psychologists to ask about our family and what his feelings are regarding the adoption.  Today he had his 30 minute session, now my child has his father’s interesting sense of humor, and by interesting of course I mean, awkward and inappropriate so as you can imagine I sat outside biting what little fingernails I have left.  Luckily all went well, he still won’t tell me what she asked but I’m sure he kept his dry sense of humor to a minimum.

All that is left is for Chris and I to do is the 1.5 hr questionnaire, wait for her written report and we can forward the rest to the psychiatrist and start making appointments for our physicals.  EXCITING!!!!  Getting closer and closer.

Now if I can just get homeland security to approve us already, I might, dare I say, see the light at the end of the tunnel.


I have recently found a hobby that both distracts me and makes me happy.  Repurposing and refinishing furniture.  I use to do this back when Chris and I were first married, mainly because at that time we had very little money and the money we did have we much rather spent on outings and fun.  Here is exactly how I feel about pinterest.





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