“We are adopting”……omg we are adopting!!

Today I woke up in a panic because I realized that we are almost done with the documentation process of this adoption and it is now ever so real that in a short while we will be eligible to be matched with a child.  We have managed to keep things somewhat quite, although Chris is not as private about this as I have been.  I was trying to decide my reasons for keeping this just between the “need-to-know” bunch and us and I think at first it was because I was not sure we would be able to afford this, then there was that fear that it might not work out, followed by the “what would people think” and most recently I wanted to be closer to a placement so we didn’t have to answer questions like “so when will you get a child” 20x a week.

We are now 80% complete with the process, hence the shocking realization and panic this morning.  We are now at a point were I don’t mind sharing this bit of news with everyone.  I don’t, however know how to go about doing that.  I am not one to blast personal information such as this through social media sites but then again I am also not very savvy about the use of social media this day and age.  I fall well within generation x’s age group but I am  also one who still calls it ‘the twitter’ and have been known to say pound when reading what is known today as # hashtag.  My point is, I am really not sure what would be appropriate in this situation.  I know I don’t want to wait until I have to yell surprise here is so and so, your granddaughter, niece etc.  I also don’t want the first photo of her on Facebook to generate too many “whats” and “hows” and “wheres”.  I feel like there should be more about this etiquette  or how-to on this subject, I mean, I can’t be the first one to face this dilemma, can’t I?

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