The mail has been my friend lately:)

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender 2

This is what our desk generally looks like going through this adoption process.  I work outside the home, however filling out documents has become a part-time job, I would even go as far as to say a full-time job.  If you’re not filling out papers you’re calling agencies, court houses, psychologist psychiatrist, you name it.  It definitely takes a lot of dedication and organization to keep everything straight.

Yesterday we received a few of the last documents we needed to complete our dossier.  Two certified birth certificates came in and the anxiously awaited psychological evaluation.  We were extremely excited to find out that we are a ‘normal’:).  This means that now we need to find a psychiatrist to read the evaluation and write a letter that states we are ok to adopt.  Gosh I really hope this psychiatrist doesn’t need more than one session and can write the letter quickly.  Also I hope he doesn’t inflate his fee when he finds out we are paying out of pocket, you will be surprised how many ‘professionals’ have tried to do that to us during this process.

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