Mission Accomplished, Psychiatrist Found!

After over a week and a half of searching I finally found a psychiatrist that will take our case.  I have to say after yelping said doctor, lets call him Dr T., I was appalled at the reviews.  He had 29 reviewers and only 2 stars.  Reviews like: “If you just want a drug prescriber go there but if you actually want to see a dr. go somewhere else”, “he is nothing but a legal drug dealer”, and “His office looks like a 60’s frat house” (still can’t get the visual).  Wow!  He is winner!  However, I thought about the many hours I just spent looking for a doctor and how many of our documents are about to expire and made the phone call.  My rationalization was that I’m really not seeing Dr. T for mental health issues or therapy.  If that was the case I would run far, far away from this one.  Let’s be real, I only need him for the two little letters beside his name, M.D.  He simply needs to know how to read the evaluation and write a brief letter stating that we are, in fact, in good mental health.  Adoption truth #96: I wouldn’t have cared if his office hours were in a shaggy carpeted pot smelling van parked near the airport.  These are the things adoption drives us to do.

On a lighter note we are down to needing only one document to finish our dossier.  The physical examination has an expiration date of 3 months, therefore it will be the last thing we do.  I can’t wait until the agency gets everything they need to compile our dossier.  Especially because it means they finally start doing the job I emptied our savings account to pay them to do.  I kid, but the truth is, it has not been cheap thus far.


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