Seriously lady I will reach across this desk……

The bureaucracy with which the military families’ health care is managed sometimes baffles me to tears. Like I mentioned before, we had been leaving the medical evaluation, final part of the dossier, for last. This part has an expiration date of 3 months so we waited until all other documents have been mailed to Villa Hope and received. I have been trying to get an appointment for our physicals since last week and have had no success. Our primary care manager (regular doctor) isn’t really a doctor but a nurse practitioner, lovely, so she cannot fill the form out. I thought simply using an MD in the same clinic would be the solution. What? That would be too easy, and it would make too much sense, this is the army after all. I have spoken to 6 people at three different phone numbers in the TRICARE system. (For my non-military friends, this is the name of our insurance) I was told I couldn’t make an appointment because their doctors are not certified to fill those documents out. Say what now?? Well then what the hell have you been doing with my child’s school physicals for 15 years? Was that a special doctor fairy that only makes visits during school physical months?

Today I went to get a straight answer from the clinic and after being bounced around office to office I finally found a person that will hear me out. They also informed me, as nonchalantly as saying have a good day, that I will have to go outside the base and pay a doctor out of pocket for that. I have to say I have had better moments but that one was not it. Nope it wasn’t, in that moment I blew my lid. I explained to them that I have had to pay out of pocket for 12 years of infertility and a year of this adoption process because they have refused to let us use the mental health care people within our clinic but you will not deny me a freaken physical (I’m proud of myself for not dropping the f-bomb). I was not leaving there without an appointment to see a doctor that will sign the document.   She made all the phone calls she needed to make and told me she will call me with an answer today. We’ll see about that because I will park myself in front of her office tomorrow after work if she doesn’t.

Even though the military has not been helpful at all throughout the process I wish they were not also hindering progress with all this red tape. I am not sure what the process has been for someone who is not a military dependent but I can tell you it has been a bit challenging for us with that factored in. My advice for my military friends is find out what they allow you to do or not do through the system so you can factor in the extra expense.

I will leave you with this very appropriate meme explaining how my day went!


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