Wait, Where Did 2014 Go??


A year ago today I started a little blog to document our adoption story.  The truth is by now I thought our family would be a bit larger, so I thought the blog would include our addition.  Apparently we knew nothing of the process, we knew nothing of how hard it would be or how long it would take and the truth is our ignorance was bliss.  Now let me paint you a nice little picture of myself and my husband.  We are hard working people….when someone is paying us for said work.  I am a phenomenal, devoted, college professor and my husband is an outstanding army officer and college professor as well.  With that said we are also pretty lazy.  I don’t mean no exercise, dirty home, eating out everyday (we are too lazy to leave the house for that sometimes).  No, we are the let’s order our christmas gifts online, wait till that movie comes out on Itunes so we don’t have to go to the theater, love each other to death but if we didn’t, divorce would be out of the question (too much paperwork) lazy people. I have to say we embarked on this journey like 2 year olds, not knowing anything about the process, learning as we go, dishing out check after check, and hoping everything is legit. 8 months into this we realized that international adoptions are hard, super hard.  By then, however, we were knee deep in documents head high in debt and there was no turning back.

Fast forward exactly a year, this week we finished all that needed to be done for the dossier.  We are officially entering the “waiting period”.  The wait is for the dossier to arrive in Peru, be checked by our representative in-country, be translated, presented to the Peruvian government and general adoptions, and finally for our family to be matched with an orphan. Sounds easy enough right? I don’t know, your guess is as good as mine.  I am really not sure how long its suppose to take or how much more money we need to dish out for this.  To be perfectly honest right about now if you see me on the street and I look like deer caught on headlights, tell me its going to be ok.  Lie to me, because I will believe anything you say as long as it makes me feel better. All I need to hear is that all this will be worth it at the end, the time in waiting will go quickly and once we have our child with us this will all be a distant memory.  I mean you wait to give birth 9 months anyway, right? What’s a few months more.  Let’s pretend I am an elephant, that would be a gestation timeframe of 2 years at least. Bottomline is I am ok with not knowing how long it would be.  I want it to be fast of course but If its not I don’t want to know about it yet.

So, this blog continues onto 2015.  Still no Peru child but done with paperwork!  If you are reading this for news on the process be gentle with us, now you know we know NOTHING!  If you are reading this in hopes of learning from us, so far it has been a hard process but not impossible.  We have given you a year in the process of an international adoption. Knowledge I would have killed for exactly one year ago today.  And now you have it.  Use it!! Share it!

I will leave you with the same quote I posted on my very first post, it is more true today than it was back then.

“Adoption is not for the faint of heart”  ~ Mariska Hargitay 

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