Last trip to NYC’s Department of State office!

Last Friday I made my last trip into the city to the Department of State document apostille section.  It is about a 45 minute train ride with a 10-15 minute subway ride to the office.  It isn’t a terrible trip but not the most convenient.  I love the city but the times I have had to be here have been at cold, rainy, and snowy weekdays.  This time around the office was as packed as a supermarket right before a snow storm, complete with the crazy ladies who treat snowstorms like the rapture fighting you over the last carton of eggs.  The room was packed!!  Someone mentioned that the reason it looked like a mad house was because it was the first month of the year.  I am not sure what that meant but I took a mental note never to come here around this time again.

I waited over 45 minutes in a long and boring line listening to well over 6 languages been spoken.  I am a linguist by profession and normally this makes me quite giddy, today it was headache inducing.  I finally reached the counter and was met with a lady that was less glad to be there than I was.  The only difference is, she was getting paid for her time.  I gave her my notarized and authenticated documents and crossed my fingers that everything was in order.  It was and in a few moments she stamped my paper, told me to sign my name, sit down and wait for them to call me.  The wait begins!!  I knew it would be long because I had already heard two complaints about the length of time it was taking.  One lady had waited 2 hours and the other was going on 1 and a half.  I went to the back of the room and settled myself for a long wait.

Quick anecdote about my trip:  Now I am going to say this a gentle as I can!!  People for the love of all that is holy, uggs (you know, the super pretentious boots of the early 2000s that teen girls tend to were EVERYWHERE, hot or cold) are not rain or snow boots because they are not waterproof.  When you wet it and not dry it, trust me, as someone that was sitting right next to a pair for hours, it stinks, it STINKS bad!!  That’s what was happening to my right.  To my left we had an overly popular older lady whose cell phone rang every 5 minutes and her ringtone was a horrible rendition of “My Heart Will Go On”.  After an hour I was close to sinking her cell phone in the toilet like the Titanic.

For 2 hours I saw the crowd get smaller and smaller and finally they called my name.  In a very anticlimactic way they asked me for my name and address, they handed me the apostilled papers and I was sent on my merry way. If they only knew what those last documents meant to me.  If they only knew the journey that had brought us to these 3 little final documents.  Only I knew! I breathed a sigh of relief and started on my way back home.

Here is my trip in pictures:


NYC Street Performers
Train Ticket to NYC
Grand Central Station
Metro North Trains
Bear Mountain Bridge
The Hudson River
IMG_4069 Fulton Street Subway Stop
The Apostille Office AKA My Nightmare
Exhausted but Accomplished
The Apostilled Documents


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