Swallow Pride ~ Check. Buy a Minivan ~ Check


Ok since we are considering a sibling group in this adoption and my car needed to be traded in before I have to push it to the dealership, we decided to look at something bigger.  Now I was thinking more along the lines of an SUV but hubby wanted to punish me with the hell of a thousand suns and make me look at minivans.  So off we went to the Honda dealership to look at (I thought at that moment) the Pilot.  Once there, my husband catches the eye of the monstrosity that is the minivan.  He lures me in with the tempting power doors and 8 passenger room, then just as I’m losing interest he shows me the back and side camera.  When I am at my weakest, he points to the drink cooling box, leather seats and lane departure warning.  Hook, line and sinker!!  So here I am with a van I don’t want but apparently I need and going down the road jamming to adult alternative music (is that even a thing).  What happened?? Damn safety awards!!

I have to say, it is starting to grow on me! I realize I will not be cool in it, but my kids will be safe and my drinks will be cool:). I am not giving up, I’m growing up!  I can rock the minivan if I wanted to but ughh that’s a lot of work!  I am going to own my soccer mom status and practice my “don’t make me turn this van around” phrases.

I will however, draw the line at attaching stick families to the rear window or “my child is an honor student..” stickers to the bumper.  You are welcome!


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