“Treating our agency like a hard to reach boyfriend”


Don’t you just hate it when you hire someone for a service and they forget you exist? Don’t get me wrong I know they probably have a few other clients and after all we are not Brangelina Jolie-Pitt, but for the love of God throw me a bone here and there.  For the most part the agency we are working with has been fantastic, but there have been a few times that we lose communication and those are the times that I have a panic attack.  Those are the times that I turn into my mother, let me explain.  My mother came to this country later in life and distrust of just about everyone, be it for cultural reasons or her experiences in this new country, was her norm.  She was suspicious of everyone.

Her:”why you give that man the keys to your car”

Me: “he is the valet ma’, that’s his job”.

Her: “why you gotta put where you live in everything”

Me:  “that is how the mail system works here ma'”

Honestly the woman doesn’t trust anyone.  The “selfie” was invented for my mom so she doesn’t have to give her camera to strangers.  “MA’ NOBODY IS WALKING AWAY WITH YOUR DISPOSABLE CAMERA!”.  If she only knew how much information we have given the US Government for this adoption or how much money has exchanged hands by means of the postal service, she would have an aneurysm.  Today, however, I was soooo my mother.  Like a stalker, I called the agency twice and sent a heap of emails that went unanswered.  By 3pm I had fire them twice…..In my head.  Yeah… we are really not going to fire them. There are only 3 agencies in the whole country we can work with and we are too invested in the process to do that. They know this, and we know this.  Bottomline, they have us by the proverbial balls.

According to my husband…and apparently society, there are many things that should never be said out loud.  I was given more rules about what not to say when we started this process because the truth is we want the agency to work well and fast for us.  This is one of the main and most important reasons I keep a blog.  A brain and mouth like mine needs an outlet.  So if you are here to simply read encouraging and sweet anecdotes about our adoption journey, well you are going to be somewhat disappointed.  Ramblings, rants and raves is more our thing.

So I will give the agency one more day and I will keep all my awkwardly sarcastic and subtle criticisms of their business practice to myself once more.

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