I can’t wait…….that’s it, I really just can’t wait…I’m terrible at it:(

In previous posts I have mentioned that we are currently in what its called the “waiting period”.  We are waiting to hear from the Peruvian representative if all our documents (dossier) were approved and we can begin to be matched with a child/children.  I also mentioned in previous rants, I mean posts, that our agency has not given us any updates one way or the other.  One last thing I need to mention is that I am very bad at waiting.  I cannot emphasize this little tidbit enough.  I am NOT very good at waiting.  I am a very impatient person.  I am the person tapping her feet and checking her watch behind you at a cashier line as you show your endless bag of coupons.  I am the person handing you a pen so you can sign the receipt at a restaurant so I can get your table already.  I am also the person whom you see in your rearview mirror, fingers tapping on the steering wheel wondering what the heck you are doing in there that you can’t exit the parking spot I’m waiting for.  Yes, I am not proud of this but that’s me.  Waiting is not a skill I possess, honestly I have always been this way.  Today I came to the realization that lack of patience has never been as much an issue as it is right now.  I find it hard to sleep, eat, and concentrate.  I check my email ten times a day and I make people call me to make sure my phone is working.  I am not quite sure how long this process should be but the wait is killing me.

How am I keeping busy?  Well glad you ask!  I have decided that while we wait we will become more informed on what should happen once we have been matched.  I have researched many adoption forums and articles and have documented the most relevant ones for this stage in our journey.  If you currently find yourself in the “waiting period” and need something to occupy your time, here is some great information.

Waiting for Your Match

Scrapbooks and Lifebooks

Now What?

Obtaining a Social Security Number for your Adopted Child

Transition from Orphanage to Home

Post-Adoption Adjustment

The First 12 Months

Hill Adoption Video  (this one is just for fun and ideas on how to announce your new arrival)

Top 10 Secrets of Adoption Travel


Happy Waiting!!


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