When I shovel my way out of snowmaggedon I will write a stern letter to my agency…

Ok two things a) We are in the northeast and probably won’t be free of snow until….wait, what’s today…uhm Summer.


And b) ughh let’s be serious, I will only complain rant and rave here because the truth is, that agency has my money, lots of it.  I ain’t gonna lie, even if they burn toys in sight of needy children on christmas eve, our reaction will probably be……”yikes, I’m sure they had a reason……soooo about our documents..”.  I would NEVER repeat that out loud of course.  That is one of the perks of reading my blog, you are now privy to that secret vault of crazy that is my brain.  You are welcome!  The one good thing about all this snow we have been getting (thank you baby Jesus, but we are good now), is that it has kept me busy.  It has also distracted me from waiting to hear about what’s happening with our dossier in Peru.  I still think that it is not unreasonable to ask for an update from the agency every once in a while, but I have stopped harassing them with emails and phone calls, so that’s progress.  I am learning to be patient and use this time to research and prepare for when we do get a match.  I have also been reading other blogs of people who have adopted from Peru as well.  I must say there aren’t many, and the ones I have read are about 2-3 years old but they have been very informative nonetheless.  I have learned not to rely on how long their wait time was, since they are all different and with different delays and circumstances.  Right now all I am hoping for is that none of our documents expire which will require us to redo them.  I think that is my biggest concern and why I am so impatient.  Well that and impatience runs in my family.  Here is a conversation with my mom the other day.

mom: So did they call you?
me: no ma’ not yet
mom: what’s taking so long?
me: If I knew I’d tell you.
Mom:  So you think, next week?
me: still don’t know ma’
Mom: How many people want Peruvian babies anyway?
me: well you did? (get it, ’cause I was born there)
Mom: ugh yeah (said with a disappointed tone~ ouch not expecting that) 

So you see dear blog reader, my mom is also super impatient……and a bit of a jerk…but mostly the impatient thing.  My sister, same way, “soooo when’s Peru baby coming?” has replace the “hello” in phone calls.  I didn’t stand a chance on this part of the adoption, but I am getting better.  Now, in between the stare downs with the plower man so he doesn’t block me in and the research to be better prepared when we bring the kiddos home, I have been taking time for myself.  I know what you are thinking, she is drinking, and nooo……..well yes, but no.  I am exercising, eating healthy and focusing on my family.  In gist, I’m spending as much time with them as I can now so the focus can be on the new addition later without guilt or worries.

So there you have it, the point here is I am getting better at waiting, k!

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