I am NOT a Unicorn, after all!!

I know I have mentioned in the past that I have had a hard time finding information on adoptions in Peru, most importantly I have had a hard time finding people who have gone through the process recently and with the same agency…….Until Now!!  I am not a mythical being going through a ‘never before’ situation.  There truly are real life people in my shoes and through this crazy blog I have found one fabulous person doing the same exact thing, through the same exact agency, and with almost the same timeline.

Last week I was feeling a bit lonely and anxious.  I was wondering if the wait is normal and if there was a way I can find out information on the process without harassing the agency.  Suddenly I get an alert that I have a message from my blog and everything changes.  (BTW apologies to the lady at the pharmacy whose eardrums I must have perforated with my subhuman squeal and an FYI to everyone else who looked at me like I had two heads, “hey! you don’t know me, I could have been there picking up my anti squeal medicine and now you made me feel bad about myself”)

 Finally!!  Someone else in my shoes!!  I am not a unicorn!!  You have no idea how fantastic it felt to hear her story.  Its wonderful to be able to compare experiences through our journey.  I have to say, it was good to know that going crazy over the wait is not particular to me….well the extra crazy that’s added to my normal dose of crazy anyway.  It was also reassuring to know that someone else is doing this and we will, in the end, have the same exact outcome.  You feel the instant connection and camaraderie that comes with sharing such a grueling yet beautiful process that is adoption.  I was ecstatic and I couldn’t wait to tell my husband about it.  I am sure he felt the same relief I did, to know there is someone else out there doing this. Though he does hide his crazy better than me, I know this blew his mind too.

Among the many things I’ve learned from exchanging emails with this wonderful person is a) I was not the only person that thought it was weird that there was no status from the agency on our documents.  b) There is no set process or timeline for anyone once your dossier is in-country and c) I am going to make her my friend……ugh there’s the crazy…I knew it was coming….!  But hear me out!  I feel like if we could both share information (by that I mean harassing the agency duties) then I think we can totally gain more intel.  Of course I am not going to scare her away, helloooo, I have been around people once or twice.  I do, however, think we might be able to help each other through this wait and I truly hope it is a short one for both of us:).


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