Hallelujah We are Approved!!

No email has ever made us as happy as the one we received last Friday!  And believe me I have been the winner of a slew of lotteries all over the world and the heir to millions from my “relatives” in Nigeria.  Let me paint you this picture, all of us in the van heading to New Jersey for a family gathering.  As the usual, the husband begins his Friday interrogation of “did you call the agency?” And “Have we heard from Peru?” To where I begin my usual rant of “don’t you think I would tell you if I’ve heard” and “if you ask me one more time, one more time”.  At that moment I remembered that I hadn’t quite checked email all day.  This of course is very unusual, especially lately because we had become super anxious since a few document were about to expire.  I begin opening the usual junk mail and there, between my khol’s coupon and a survey to Totalwine.com (don’t judge me) was the very awaited email.  All they said was congratulations, Peru has approved your family to adopt and I began to yell!  Of course, sending all the passengers into hysterics thinking the worst.  Between tears and relief I gave them the news!  And suddenly the realization that this is happening and that we may now be matched with children sank in.  

We took the weekend to celebrate and bask in the knowledge that this part is over, however, since I received the email too late to call the agency back we were also left with more questions of what happens next.  Which brings us to this week where, of course, we resumed our usual lines of “did you hear” and “omg, NO” (we are creatures of habit).  So I left a message and I have yet to hear from the agency, but for now I’m going to relish and live in the win.  I have begun to paint and repurpose furniture changing a guest room into kid’s room.  

The wait to be approved is over but the wait to be matched is next and I hope it’s not as long!

This is when we got the news

7 thoughts on “Hallelujah We are Approved!!

  1. I have been following your blog for a while now, and wanted to reach out. My husband and I adopted our two sons through seperate adoptions from Peru (2010 and 2012). I know that the wait is always very difficult during the holidays, and wanted to lend my support. Everything you are feeling about this process is valid, everything you are going through others have…and they have come through the other side with additional family members. I know there’s nothing I can say to make your wait easier, but I wanted to let you know that someone out there is thinking of you during your wait.


    1. Oh my gosh!!! Thank you so much for the very kind and very needed words of encouragement😓. It is especially during the holidays when we feel the wait really weight in on us and your message was truly timely. We just sent in our very last papers so we at least feel a bit accomplished but the truth is the wait is killing us. We just have to focus on the end game even though it’s getting harder and harder to do. If I may ask, what agency did you use? Again thank you for your kind words😊


      1. We used Carolina Adoption Services. They were good, but the process just takes forever by design. I don’t believe CAS is doing Peruvian adoptions any longer. I do know that Villa Hope has a long history there and I know of some families that have used other agencies as well.

        Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and lend you some support. If you have any questions, I am always willing to talk about our experience.

        Praying your wait is nearing its end!


  2. Congratulations ! I just found your blog thru Jill Watkins on FB:). I am sitting here today waiting on approval from Peru:). So wish I had found you earlier!
    Robyn Gaydon


    1. Oh my goodness I am glad you found us too!! How long have you been waiting for approval? The wait is truly brutal and we have one more wait to go:(. Thanks for following us☺️


      1. The next wait for us is to be matched with a child. Unless you are getting a child from the waiting angels list you still have a wait to be matched with a child Peru thinks will be a good fit for your family. How long has the process been for you? Counting paperwork and all. We are at a year and 8 months from initial application to approval.


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