We are Back…but with no updates!!!

I am back to blogging after a few disappointing blows and a few changes in our lives.  So lets begin with the excuses for our absence on this site.  Yes, jumping right in people.  So back in August I left you with the big news that we had received Peru’s government approval…..which FYI means absolutely nothing since we are still doing paperwork and running around renewing fingerprints yada, yada, yada.  So lets analyze were it all went wrong.

First blow came with our New York agency giving us the boot.  As you recall we have two agencies working for us.  We have a local agency taking care of the social work stuff and one in Alabama which is the Hague/Peru certified one.  Well in October said NY agency thought we were ‘too far from them to fully satisfy our needs’.  Translation: ‘We are paying too damn much in postage to justify what we do for you and Peru is not an easy country’.  In short, since we were close to needing to renew our home study, we were up a creek without a paddle.  I never really get those idiomatic expressions, why up a creek? and why would anyone be in a floating device without a paddle? Actually I don’t do outdoor stuff so that would probably be me because I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached to my body.  But I digress.  So here we were with no local agency and running against the clock because our I-800a was expiring soon.  They finally referred us to an agency closer to us (still 2.5 hours away), dammmmn how big is this state.  We called and got the ball rolling.  Unfortunately, because we were starting with a new agency they wanted their cut on agency contract fees and they needed to renew our fingerprints for all the states we had lived in.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! SON OF A &*$%#.  But we were good sports (ie. had no other choice) and we trekked on.   GOOD ADVICE ALERT:  So when your I-800a is about to expire make sure you get your extension done before that expiration date because on time your first extension is FREE!!!  But if you file late, it is almost 900$ again (as a first timer).  Guess what we paid!!  That’s right, the change in agency, the fingerprints, the late home study visit made us file our extension a day late, A DAY LATE!!!! that day cost us 895$.

Second blow came during christmas.  We heard from our representative in Peru that, after hounding our psychologist for the one hundredth time and having her change our psych evaluation to reflect our addition of children, we now had to find her again to redo the addendum to reflect the age as well.  They also needed an update home study and, as per the usual, it needed to be notarized, certified, and apostilled.  It was a mad rush to try to get it to her before Peru shuts down for the holiday season and I made it, too bad our agency decided to keep it and wait for another family to hand theirs in and send it together to cut their cost. It was sent the second week of January, Freaken FABULOUS!.

The third and final blow was just a few week ago when our I-800a came back with info needed.  Apparently of all the states we had gotten clearances for, and I mean theres a LOT, 12 to be exact, we had never gotten one from NC.  NC is my hubby’s childhood home state and were he lived until he left for college.  He lived there for 4 months after he turned 18 before he left for college to NY so we needed that clearance, state #13.  They also needed a copy of my naturalization paperwork and our marriage license.  The kick in the gut though was what they needed next.  So in late January we moved to a bigger set of quaters. (for my non-military friends this means that we moved to a house with more bedrooms within the same military base, so essentially a block away)  Yayy!! The problem with that (and one we did not forsee) was that this would create an avalanche of problems.  We now  needed to get a correction for our home study and  also get clearances with our new address.  Not so much Yayy!!:(

So here is were we stand right now.  We ARE approved by Peru and we have had a few emails with potential children….well 2.  We are still waiting to get our I-800a approval and a few clearances but our representative in Peru said she is looking for matches for our family already.  So with all that said I am back to blogging our journey, I am sorry for our hiatus since we were feeling sorry for ourselves.  I promise to be more consistent and I truly hope to have good news to share real soon.



2 thoughts on “We are Back…but with no updates!!!

  1. I do not know how you are managing. Keep up your spirits. We adopted 2 children from the same mother in Peru back in the earlier 1990s. We finalized the adoption of our son early in 1992 and our daughter in 1993. Love them both so much. All the best to you and your family.


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