Home Study! Take#3

Home studies must be updated every year and if there are any changes in between, an addendum must be included.  Listen to me being all knowledgable!  Where was this Jessica when “Oh honey there is a 4 bedroom available we can move into next week” was said. Needless to say I had forgotten how much work this would create, especially since we were in the middle of updating our I-800a.  Now the truth is, we only moved a few blocks away but it might as well have been across the country because we needed to redo the home study, fingerprint clearances, I-800a, etc etc.  So our social worker came over and in less than 15 minutes she had gathered everything she needed for our addendum.  Now all we need is for her to get it back to us before March 15th so we can meet the I-800a deadline.  I will start panicking by the 10th of course….its on the calendar!

Meanwhile in Peru, they are still trying to match us with children.  Not exactly sure how long that takes but its killing us.  We hit the 2 year mark in the adoption process back in January and we were approved by Peru back in November of last year, 5 months later nothing has changed.

Full disclosure spot:      One of the reasons I wanted to keep this adoption quite for a little while, is because we didn’t know how long it was going to take to complete.  We actually thought we were in the clear when we decided to share it with people at the 1.5 year mark. Unfortunately we were off by a year.  I know that our friends and family are just as anxious as we are to hear how its going but having to get the “have you heard anything yet?” question 2-3 times a day is a bit discouraging.  Don’t get me wrong they all mean well and they do show us they care and they are thinking about us through this process but know that after answering them I  will help myself to the tallest, widest glass of wine EVER!… and I will not feel bad about it.

So this is what is happening in our journey at this very moment.  Nothing exciting but no set-backs is always progress.


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