Election Palooza, Yes Please! (said with a most sarcastic tone)

I have to say I have never been more interested in a presidential election outside of the country I am currently living in, more that I am today.  As if the U.S. elections weren’t enough of a train wreck, this year I have the added stress of Peru’s presidential elections. This April 10th the people of Peru will be voting in their general elections for a new president and members of congress for a 5 year term.  I have never been more invested in their choice than now and I lived there for over 10 years.  I have been following their progress since they began early this year…..full disclosure..I have been following the U.S. process…NOT AT ALL.  I hate to say it but until November, or at least until after July 28th when Peru’s new president is inaugurated, when it comes to U.S. elections, I will be living by the rule of “not my circus, not my monkeys.” Since in Peru a general election means every department undergoes a change in personnel, I am very concerned on what this disruption could mean for the Ministerio de la mujer y poblaciones vulnerables and ergo my adoption process.  I know, I know, it seems pretty self-centered when Peru’s people are looking for a just and capable country leader and I’m all like “sooooooo how is this going to affect my adoption” but the truth is, a good leader will work efficiently to make sure that all government sections receive the least interruptions…at least that is my hope.

Today I sit in front of my computer half checking on the Peruvian electoral process half checking on the status of my adoption documents.  Amazing how in this journey we not only adopt these children but their countries as well.  I am however,  glad about 2 things 1. My children will not have to care too much about the term of this new elected president, and 2. I an not in Peru so I don’t have to comply with the “dry law” going into effect the Saturday before elections :-), Margarita anyone, don’t mind if I do!!




One thought on “Election Palooza, Yes Please! (said with a most sarcastic tone)

  1. I too follow the elections in Peru, not because of the concern that you expressed but because of my two children and their heritage. It is interesting that Keiko is now running for the same job that her father had when we were in Peru in the early 1990s. Obviously, she has the baggage of corruption and authoritarian rule associated with her father. But she also benefits from his reputation for putting down two rebel groups that inflicted so much pain and violence on the people of Peru and for stabilizing and building the Peruvian economy. It will be interesting to see round 2 in the presidential elections.

    All the best to you and your family.


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