Life Goes on and the wait Continues

It has been a most excruciating wait, with almost 2 and a half years.  As many families who have adopted or are currently adopting from Peru know well, sometimes the wait is quiet and lonely with no word from your agency or your Peruvian representatives. You just wait to hear news, any news about the process.  As you wait however, life goes on.  Work happens, vacations happen, days, months and seasons roll by, life happens.  You begin to wonder if this adoption will ever happen.  Like Rob, the Kardashian child that gets no attention, our agency has decided to forget we exist and just as you start to panic and write frantic messages to everyone associated with your process you receive an email that renews your hope in the progress  A week ago we received the final ok from the director of general adoptions (DGA) with her approval on the changes to the ages and number of children we are choosing to adopt.  Although we were genuinely happy upon hearing this, and in the spirit of full disclosure, and because I would never do this out loud, I am sharing my inner monologue with you all:

“Its about damn time”, “uhmmm, I thought that part had already happened, but ok”, “They are as efficient as the DMV when you are in the line that never moves”, “Thanks for finally reading a document presented in May, I mean its only September”,  “What the hell Peru, maybe hire another person at that office?”, “Oh shout out to my agency for keeping me updated with all those messages, oh wait nope that was IKEA emails asking me to do a survey, damn it IKEA nobody cares abot your new shelves”, “So I guess I’ll hear from you in another 4 months Peru, when you notify me of another brilliantly timed useless document that seems to get me closer to our adoptive children butttttttttt….maybe not so much”

Phew!! that felt better.  I know that this approval document means something but much like that paleo diet everyone swears by, unless my butt fits into my college jeans (that’s right, I’ve kept those, don’t judge me) I won’t believe it until I see it.  In this case I want to be matched with children.  I want to know that we will be a family of more soon and I hope its not illogical to think that 3 years is too long of a wait to have that.

In other news back in May we lost our 13 year old westie dog Harley.  He was a wonderful companion to all of us and 3 weeks ago we finally brought ourselves to share our home with another puppy.  So you see, life does go on as you wait but the children you will be welcoming into your home are never far from your thoughts…. NEVER.

Here is our sweet westie Harley and our new chocolate labradoodle Calliope (Calli)


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