Oh Peru, why do you hate me!

We were dealt yet another blow to the already numerous roadblocks and heartaches we have encountered since the start of our adoption journey.  The Peruvian government has now suspended all adoptions to foreigners pending investigations of agencies working outside of Peru that have not provided the country with post adoption reports/paperwork. This was done in response to the on-going court case involving Jim and Paige Nachtigal of Kansas, who have been charged with abusing their 3 adopted Peruvian children.  I am quite conflicted with the news as you can imagine.  I do understand Peru’s position of stopping all adoptions while they reorganize and account for all the children that have been adopted outside of the country.  I realized that at the end of the day the best interest of those children are the bottomline.  They want to make sure they are thriving with their new families and want to hold all the agencies accountable.  I get all that!!  I am also sadden by the many families, ours included, that will suffer the repercussions of this horrible crime against these poor children.  I’m hopeful that all this will be done quickly and adoptions can resume with the peace of mind that they will be done correctly and in the best interest of the children, but it still SUCKS!  I know I’m being selfish, and believe me I already threw an adult tantrum I’m not very proud of, but I do understand why Peru felt the need to do this.

Now to the Nachtigal couple, if what the news everywhere is saying true, you are the most despicable people and any similarity between you and a human is purely coincidental.  Those that have adopted have seen their children go through adjustments and insecurities and some have loved their children through memories of  abuse and neglect.  It angers me to hear what those children had to endure when all they asked for was a loving home.

The current situation in Peru is a suspension in adoptions foreign and domestic. You can see the official alert here: State Department Alert

Here is the media coverage of the story that brought on the suspension: The Wichita Eagle newspaper

Having said all this, we are still wanting to and looking forward to being matched with children from Peru.  We are not giving up!!!  We are keeping our fingers crossed for a swift resolution and a short suspension.



One thought on “Oh Peru, why do you hate me!

  1. I’ve been wanted to thank you for posting this privately, but didn’t know how to contact you without commenting on your blog. I knew one of the children involved, and did not hear of the story until you posted. You do not have to publish this comment on your blog, I just wanted to reach out and let you know that your post had a profound effect.

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