Overreaction level expert: Yeah that’s a thing!

So I have tried to contact my agency for a little over 2 weeks with no luck. I mean don’t get me wrong, if I was the agency that finalized the adoptions of the family that is now caught in the middle of a child abuse allegation, I would turn my phones off and run to the hills like I stole something too. However, and unfortunately, there are many families that are left not knowing what will become of their process. Questions like: do I need another agency? Will I have to pay again for the same service? Will Peru make me start again with said agency? These are the things that are keeping families’ up at night. We are angry and we are disappointed with the people we trusted throughout this delicate and overwhelming journey.

Since the news broke that Peru suspended adoptions, I have done nothing but three things. I have frantically called, texted, emailed and social media stalked my agency like they owe me money (which I guess technically they do).   I have obsessively googled Peruvian media outlets to try and hear the latest developments on their suspensions and I have contacted lawyer friends to see what my options would be if, in fact, my agency does jump ship. Although I know I tent to overreact a bit, kind of like that time I discovered a very scary mole on my shoulder and found out it was just a chocolate chip from last night’s muffin, yup that was an awkward doctor visit, especially the part where he saw me put it in my mouth. Don’t judge me, It was discovered while I was at an already scheduled doctor visit, uhmmm…I’m not a crazy person. But I digress. At this point my overreaction is substantiated since my reality is that my agency has dropped me like I’m hot, and not in the good way.

The more days go by in radio silence the angrier I get. After all the money we have dished out for this adoption thus far, I can honestly say that their service has been less than stellar. I have no fingernails, my hair is falling out and we have not been on a real vacation since this process started, unless you count those lame staycations, which sound cutesy but really its just a way for poor people to justify sitting on their couch watching netflix because Disney is too damn expensive.

I know, I know, this too shall pass. Well let’s hope soon and let’s hope cheaply.

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