Not Cool Man!!

You know that time in high school when you finally date a hot guy and all of a sudden you start hearing rumors about him cheating on you and you confront him but he’s all like “nah baby you’re the only one for me”, (I don’t know why I all my pretend boyfriends sound like Danny from Grease), and you want to believe him but you’re also really butt hurt about him making you look bad in front of your new popular friends? Yeah, well that’s where I am with my adoption agency. They know I heard the rumors that they have been suspended in Peru but they are still telling me that what the Peruvian news is saying isn’t exactly accurate and everything is OK. Well NO, hot agency, everything is NOT ok. Much like a boyfriend who just hits it and quits it, don’t think I didn’t noticed you changed your phone number and moved up the road to avoid me. Follow the story people, I’m STILL actually talking about what my agency did… while maybe also working through some high school issues, BOOM two birds, one stone. Seriously, I totally can’t afford therapy with all the money I gave to that agency.

Anywhooo, so now all of a sudden I get an afterthought email with “in case you didn’t know, here’s our new info”. Meanwhile I’m thinking why are you so chipper and how the heck would I have known you moved. I have been trying to reach you for weeks. A business doesn’t move and change their numbers and not tell their customers right before or right after unless, a) you don’t want to be ‘bothered’ with questions, or b) you really suck at having a business. In this case, I believe there is a little of both.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I mean Peru, they appear to be letting agencies move along with families’ adoption paperwork but since the DGA isn’t meeting once a month (consejo) to match families, no adoptions are being completed. In our case we were about to go up in that meeting but then this happened. There have been rumors that the suspension will only last a month, maybe 45 days, but we all know what that’s like with government agencies, we might just be celebrating another Christmas as a family of 3, making that our 4th since we began the process.


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