“Self-Pity Party of One, Your Bed is Ready”

The holidays are quickly approaching, christmas songs have made their way into every store, every radio station and every tv commercial.  We have completed opening day of Christmas aka Thanksgiving, which by the way gets shorter and shorter every year with stores opening before momma takes that bird out of the oven.  It’s ironic that a day called “Black Friday” ushers us into the most jolly, magical and peaceful time of year.   For my international readers (that’s right, I have some, shout out to my Norwegian friends….God I hope my blog doesn’t share a name with a porn site) Black Friday is the day you go into debt viciously fighting people at shopping malls to buy the latest discounted  crap you think you need and it comes the day after you gather to give thanks for all the crap you already own.  And here we are, ahhh the holidays.  This year has been a tough one for the world and our family dealt with some wicked blows too.  I gotta tell you, January had so much potential.  I went in on it full of hope and faith and here I sit, December 2nd, disheartened and discouraged figuratively dragging myself across New Years.  What happened? It’s so unhealthy to think that one phone call, email or letter (not really sure how it happens) from Peru’s DGA can completely alter how we would remember 2016.  I know that we are not the only family spending yet another Christmas without the children they would love to adopt and we won’t be the last, but it sucks.  I also know that Peru is trying their best to match children and families and is not Oprah (you get a child, you get a child, everybody gets a child) but how cool would that be as a christmas miracle.  I am aware that in Peru things pretty much stop during the holidays so I think that we are looking at entering 2017 exactly as we did 2016.  I am, however, approaching 2017 like I do a friend bringing her new puppy over for a visit,  I will fake enthusiasm, accommodate the possibilities and hope to God it won’t end up a shit-fest on my new carpet…..again!  Bring it December!


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