That moment when the party ended but the drunk girl is still dancing on the table…

That was the feeling I had about 2016 when it’s yearly horror decided to boil over to 2017 thanks to my adoption agency who decided, in all their wisdom, to send me a wordy email at 10:50pm announcing their closure effective end of year.  Sooooo in an hour from when I received the email.  I’m not sure if that was a strategic move on their part to ensure we could do nothing about it since it was NYE and most of us (by that i mean me) where 4 glasses into a merlot and one unfortunate shot of whiskey.  As I sat there in the midst of a celebration my emotions went from disbelief, desperation and anger. After I made my way outside to yell a few obscenities I decided I was not going to worry about it until next year…..10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and look at that, here we are.  See how ridiculous it was to even write such an email.  Working on little sleep, high anxiety and a bit panicked we are now trying to decide what to do next.  I am angry.  You see, what the agency doesn’t know is that I have known that they were in trouble with the Peruvian government since November and they failed to disclose any of it to its clients.  You suck agency, you probably should have been out of business a long time ago but by all means continue taking our money.  Let’s not pretend you didn’t check out 6 months ago when you stop taking our calls and answering emails from, what I can imagine to be, frantic potential adoptive parents.  I’m not going to lie, I was one of them and I can assure you for as much money as my bank says you have gotten from me, your service was mediocre at best.  If you were on yelp (and I knew how to access that) I would be all over it.

Today, January 1 2017, 3 years after starting the process of adoption and as close as we were to being matched, we have hit the biggest obstacle yet.  I can cry, I can curse (like a sailor, I’m from Jersey), or I can put my game face and drive on.  Right now I am considering all those but to be honest as angry as I am, I want to make this happen just to say I did it without you.  I am not one to make resolutions, God knows I break all of them by noon on the first, but here is one that WILL happen.  I will be celebrating next Christmas as a parent of multiples.  This will not be like the diet of 2013…and 14′, and to be perfectly honest 15′ and 16′ (yeah.. I like food).

So, Happy New Years to all my readers and as I like to call my adoptive parents in waiting, battle buddies.  I hope this year brings success, love, and happiness.  May your family grow, and your house be messy and loud.  May 2017 be all that you envision.  Last but not least; as I sit here wearing my yellow underpants for good luck and eat my 12 grapes (both Peruvian traditions) I can assure you this last blow from the agency didn’t break me, it won’t make me bitter or cynical (I do that myself pretty damn good thanks).  2016, we have to break up because 2017 looks promising and so far I’m a fan.

4 thoughts on “That moment when the party ended but the drunk girl is still dancing on the table…

  1. Oh wow. Were you working with Villa Hope? We worked with them back in 2014 to adopt from Peru, but eventually stopped. I remember how hard it was to get ahold of anyone! I hope you have better luck with the new agency.


    1. Yes we were and yes they were just as dismissive to us as they were to you but it started in 2016. We were afraid something like a closing was imminent:(. Thanks!


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