2017= Life 1, Jessica 0

So I ended my last post by saying that so far I was a fan of 2017….nope… I spoke too soon. So far, it appears to be the opening act for what will be known as the shit-show (yup, that’s a thing now). The agency that closed on us decided that they were done now so calls have gone ignored and emails have gone unanswered. Let me paint the picture of panic that we currently find ourselves in. On the email we received they were supposed to attach a release form so we can go hire a new agency and our documents can be forwarded over, well conveniently, said attachment was never ‘attached’.  Meanwhile, we have documents that are about to expire, a dossier already presented to the DGA and a I-800a that needs to be refiled. So while that ‘hard to get’ behavior was cute 6 months ago, it’s making me go postal now. Silver lining; we did find what appears to be a great agency….,yes, I hear the irony now. I know I said the same about the crappy one (let’s face it my track record is terrible) but this one seemed wonderful when we spoke to a representative and researched their reviews so we’ll see. Don’t ever say this blog isn’t teaching you something, I’m a cautionary tale people.
The problem we are facing now is that the agencies that are left only deal with the priority list in Peru, the priority list is children with any scale of disabilities, older children and/or large sibling groups. Since our dossier is for a healthy child/children, we are not sure if these agencies are able to represent us. Ultimately, we ended up choosing AngelDance international an agency out of Denver, Colorado. We spoke with the owner and she seems very nice and helpful. She understands our situation and is willing to take us on. She’s having her representative in Peru meet with the DGA to discuss whether they will be allowed to represent us for the remainder of the process. …… and the unfortunate saga continues! I will keep you posted on any new developments. Oh and if you see me on the news in Alabama, you’ll know why. Have your “Free Jess” posters ready!imgres

4 thoughts on “2017= Life 1, Jessica 0

  1. Thanks for the info! We have been trying to track down who the other agency for Peru is for a while now. Turns out, this agency is not too far from us, though we will still need to use an in-state agency when we are ready for the home study.


  2. Good luck to you and your family. I thought our experience was difficult 25 years ago but it does not compare in any way to the trials you are experiencing. All the best.


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