Life is what happens when you are trying to adopt


Do you ever feel like there’s a lot of fires going in your life and you just don’t know which one to put out first? Or like you are playing a never-ending game of whack-a-mole? This is what our life has been like since the year began.  This week, the fire that I decided to put out, the mole I decided to whack, is adoption.

When I left you last post, I was complaining about my old agency keeping my documents hostage and not returning my calls or emails (funny how it sounds like a TV sitcom… of course, without the fancy celebrities and the suburban mansions….so basically just my crappy life) Anyhow, it took 2 weeks to get the agency to email us the document release and once I signed it sent it via registered mail, it took them another 3 to pick it up from the post office box they had ‘graciously’ (more like begrudgingly)  given me.  unfortunately, I am sure it will take another few weeks for them to do the right thing or more like the lawful thing, and forward my documents to my new agency.  Geez, they appear more butt hurt than the boyfriend I left to marry my husband ions ago. We are breaking up, I want my things, deal with it!

On a good note, we found and signed with a new agency.  AngelDance International out of Denver Colorado seems like a good fit for us and they appear extremely responsive and reliable so far.  They are even helping us track down our old agency which at this moment seems to be a full-time job.  This week I will concentrate my efforts in harassing my old agency so they transfer my dossier, check all my soon to expire documents and filling out the mountain of paperwork still left for the new agency.  So I guess you can say we have not moved an inch in the adoption process but hopefully that turns around soon.

As far as life is concerned, it goes on.  Two weeks ago my father-in-law and one of the most enthusiastic fans of our adoption process succumbed to cancer and though we are saddened by his loss we know he will always be our most enthusiastic fan.  We will miss him and his guidance dearly.

Work life also rolls on as if you have nothing else going on.  Last week I began teaching again and although I truly enjoy it as a welcomed distraction, it is of course, work.  This past moth proved to be a difficult one and we are hoping “this too shall pass”, but right now 2017 has me wishing the train would stop so I can get off or at least slow the hell down.

In memory of the best grandpa dad and dad-in-law

        My Charlie with his grandpa Charles                    Grandpa with all grands

                          Easter    2002                                                         Christmas  2016

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