Adulting is Hard!

I know I say that a lot these days but this time I truly mean it, we are tired of adulting.  We are tired of filling out paperwork for this adoption only to have others expire, need update for a new agency or an addendum for the state and when we get that done the process starts all over again month after month and now year after year.  I can equate this feeling to getting caught in a riptide, the minute you see sky and you are coming up for air the next wave brings you back under and the fight to swim up to the surface starts all over.  I gotta tell you, this is very demoralizing, really “stay in bed all day and eat junk food while watching sad movies” stuff.  Truth be told, I really can’t afford to “stay in bed and eat junk food”.  I would probably be 300lbs by the weekend, thanks MOTHER for the fat genes, I can’t even eat my feelings.

Today, however, we moved an inch forward.  We started the paperwork for our I-800a extension.  That means we had to update our homestudy.  Nothing  makes you clean your house faster than a visit from your social worker to update your homestudy…am I right?  Well actually there was that week were I binged-watched hoarders on TLC, now THAT clears a house.  Anywhooo, we had the ‘visit’ today and it went well.  The dog behaved, the house was clean, we hadn’t been arrested, charged or booked for anything since the last time she saw us…..yeeeeyy us.  Does anyone else gets nervous when asked those questions? “No I have not been charged with child abuse, or domestic abuse or any crime, and this excessive sweating is completely normal”.  25 minutes later we were clear to continue the process.  Two realization came with that, 1) This is her 3rd visit to my house, which means we have been at this for over 3 years.  And 2) OMG I cleaned this house from top to bottom for 25 minutes and she only saw the living room.                                                  

So here is where we are right now.  We are still gathering up information for our new agency’s application process at the same time that we are trying to update information for our in-sate agency and also sending stuff to our new representative in Peru.   Oh and by WE I really mean me.  Chris still belongs to the US government and they keep him pretty busy these days but we don’t complain because …uhmmm…we don’t like to bite the hand that feeds us.  Oh and just in case they now read our social media stuff…..We loooove it {smiley face, heart, heart, wink, wink}.  

As far as our new agency is concern, we are still happy with them. Actually now that we can be more objective I can honestly say they have been super helpful.  You see, after the fiasco of our old agency, we were a little oblivious about what agencies are suppose to do for us.  Believe me the standards were pretty low at first.  The first time our new agency called us back within the same week, we yelped it 5 stars like that restaurant that gave us extra bread.   The point is we are happy so far.  So this has been our update in a nutshell.  


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