Oh Yeah!! I had Forgotten that the Army Still Calls the Shots..

In case any of my readers have forgotten we are a military family trying to do this adoption thing, this post will definitely remind or inform you of what we go through.  So as if getting to this point in unbelievable tortoise speed wasn’t enough of a struggle, the Army has now managed to raise the stress level once again.  We have received word that next year we are schedule to leave this base for our new assignment……in CALI-freaken-FORNIA!!  Don’t get me wrong, in any other time and place in our career, this would have been A-mazing.  Now, however, it is a constant reminder that the clock is ticking and we need to get this done.  If we don’t get a match before our move, we would be forced to redo so many, many, many documents and probably cost us more and more money.  TICK-TOCK-TICK-TOCK.  12 moves under our belt and this is the one that might make us lose our bleeping mind.  For my civilian friends, this is how it generally works; about a year out we hear a few choices that might be in the running for our next duty station.  We start mulling those over those, knowing very well none of them might be the one.  At  this point in my husband’s career the choices become limited and more specific so they either don’t tell us until the very last minute (always fun), or we know with plenty of time where he might be needed.  Then, orders are processed and off we go.  TICK-TOCK!  Well it doesn’t always work this efficiently but you get the point.  So we have been told we are PCS’ng (permanent change of station) aka moving next year, this is step. Of course, a year is a long time and anything can happen but chances are we are going.  So, what does that mean for our adoption process you ask?  Well here are our options:  a) Start planning for retirement and drop the paperwork next year, which officially halts our move and stabilizes us for one year. The problem with that is my husband’s commitment has a few more years so we would have to pay back the time that remains.  b) We can move as planned (by the army) and spend more time updating our dossier and changing state agencies.  This, of course, means we probably lengthen our wait by a few more years and dish out more money than planned. This last choice is my least favorite.  c) Move and with a heavy heart stop trying to pursue our adoption.  So those are the choices we have and a year to decide. TICK-TOCK!!   I truly hope we get a match and we don’t need to think about those choices but we are getting prepared.  Of all the challenges that military families go through this is probably not the toughest (we have done separations through deployments, TDYs and of course many, many moves) but it sure is feeling like it right about now.  What would you do?…….Yup. I’m asking strangers and flipping coins, that is how overwhelming this has become.

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