So many feels, in so short a time!!

Sometimes home isn’t quite home anymore…..does that makes me homeless?  Let me explain my hiatus, adventures and feelings of loss and excitement…all at the same time! So I have recently returned from a quick trip to Peru.  I was looking forward to it quite a bit; in my mind I was going home.  I have been back there since moving to the states but this time was different.  It has been a while and I am quite older.  I am aware that I have romanticized my country a bit and although it is quite beautiful and I do have a lot of family there, I am now aware that I may not belong as I once did.  The problem is sometimes I have that same feeling here.  As I flew over the pacific on my way there and even on my way back I felt a sense of belonging.  Up there in the sky away and close to both places, I belonged.  I know, I know its crazy but I read that same sentiment described by a cuban exiled writer returning home for the first time and I didn’t quite relate….until now.  Seeing my family was absolutely fantastic.  Its strange how you don’t see them for years and when you do, you feel like you missed them but didn’t know it. My son loved connecting with all of them and the sense of big family was awesome for him (he was never meant to be an only child).  To be frank, we all always feel like someone is missing.  So that was the sense of loss, now for the adventure part.  I was in Lima the whole time and I toured the city with my son like it was my first time there. I showed him all the places and experiences that makes Lima home to me.  My old house, school, swimming club etc. Also the real touristy part too.  This was also the first time I had been back during Independence Day so it was a treat to see all the festivities again. I have to say my favorite part, his as well, was eating our way through the city.  Peru has some amazing dishes!

Ok now for the excitement.  As you can guess, I wasn’t going to make a trip to Peru without meeting our new in-country representative and discuss adoption stuff. That I did, my friends. She was kind enough to arrange a meeting with the DGA as well so I can get some questions answered.  First, I have to tell you this lady was great. She appeared genuinely happy with the prospect of helping us adopt. She gave me some great insight on how the process really works and how it should but doesn’t quite yet.  The meeting with the DGA was just as productive since I found out that my last agency had really thrown us under the bus with a few things that were never turned in and/or updated. Thanks Villa Hope!  They also had us wanting to adopt one child between the ages of 0-3, WHAT? Which meant we could have been waiting forever to be matched.  Needless to say, all this information was not good and I left the meeting feeling quite defeated.  Until my wonderful representative told me she thought she had a sibling group that might be good for our family…….And hope was saved!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>STAY TUNED!!!! 

In the meantime here are some highlights of our trip!

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