Get The Popcorn…Lets Begin!

So when I last left you, we had gotten the best news since I learned about boozy ice cream…..full disclosure, it was my highlight of 2010…..of course 2010 is a bit of a blur. While I was in Peru, we found out that our last agency had been as useless as the ‘shift’ button on my keyboard (what is that about? what am I shifting?), our representative felt so bad for me that she set up an appointment to meet and discuss what we can do.  At this meeting she showed me a sibling group that she thought might be a good fit for our family and us for them.  As a family, we had actually discussed this same group when they came up on the priority list but we were unfamiliar with the process and thought it was too much for us to handle.  When she mentioned them and gave us more information I knew this was it.  I was hooked, I was already picturing them in our house and in our lives, the things we were going to do with them, the vacations we could take, all this while she was still talking so I got nothing after “I think these kids could be your kids”.  Major conversation ‘fail’ and I was embarrassed to say “can you repeat what you just said?”, “like seriously all of it, because I was legit daydreaming as you were talking just now”.   But what I said instead was “great”.  GREAT? Oh dear lord what did I just say great to, but there was no going back she gave me a confused look and we moved on. She then told me to think about it and discuss it with the family and when we are ready, request the files officially.  I flew back on the 3rd of August and the following Monday we requested them. Now, Peru says after receiving our request, the DGA has 10 days to give us a response, so of course it took 3 weeks…..sooooo Peru ‘nailed it’ once again.  This past Thursday we got a response of approval to study their file.  I still have to change our home study and update the I-800a to reflect the age difference but I am elated with the prospect that our family has found the missing pieces to make us whole.  It’s happening people we are moving forward!

This week we are tasked with reviewing about 200 pages of information for these kids and discussing medical files with a pediatrician.  Once we do that we can send our official letter of intent to adopt these kids and apparently “I’m their mom now, when can I come get them” is probably NOT what they are looking for.  Our feelings, at any particular moment, can be described as being in the intersection of over the moon happy and pooping our pants nervous.  What? I warned you this was no classy blog.  Let’s hope Peru is quicker at approving us to adopt than they were approving us to study the files.  So this is were we are beautiful reader on the interweb.  Please, send positive vibes our way!





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