The Passive-Aggressive Guide to Adoption

This is really what I should have called this blog.  I’m generally an outspoken and passionate latin woman…..aka a loud and obnoxious hispanic, but if adoption has taught me anything, it is definitely how to be dreadfully passive-aggressive.  In a way, I am glad this blog exists, if only so I can unload rants, tirades and inappropriate inner monologue which my husband says will “most definitely” black lists us.  This brings us to today.   Our status as of this moment is waiting to be approved to adopt 3 siblings from the priority list, unfortunately (because we live on the corner of ‘unfortunately street’ and ‘regrettably blvd’) we were just informed that because our bio son will be turning 18 on the 21st we are having to halt all updates to our home study and changes to the I-800a until he gets fingerprinted as another adult in the home. Now truth be told, its laughable that they think that another birthdate will make my teenager an adult, but I’ll humor them.  The problem is, I can’t even make the appointment for him to be fingerprinted until he turns 18 so right now we are sitting around waiting for his birthday, probably more anxious and excited about it than the birthday boy himself.  We have not told him the situation so as to avoid him feeling bad, so he just thinks we are extremely delighted to celebrate with him………uhmmm which we are but you know, more so the other thing.  I guess this will play out more or less like this that day; “happy 18th birthday Charlie, surprise, can I get your fingers for a minute”.  Weird!!  Not only do I get to shower my teenage (adult) with fingerprints and wait lines at a state office (glamorous) but I get to fill out a gazillion papers regarding his residences for the past 28 years.  Here is how I began filling it out:

That’s right I DO consider my uterus a luxury condo, too bad he wrecked it, let’s just say he ain’t getting his deposit back! Anywhooo, see, passive-aggressive much?  But of course we filled out the papers and bit our tongue once again.  Don’t get me wrong I do get to vent a little to hubby but his cheery, “everything will work itself out” responses really make me want to karate punch him hard in the jewels.  Geez man,  just listen, curse with me and tell me I’m pretty, I mean really, how hard is that?

So for all my adoptive parents out there who have had to bite their tongue and be passive-aggressive throughout this process, I salute you!  It takes a lot of self-control, which I lack, hence the blog, you are welcome!

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