Some days I nail ‘adulting’; others I can’t even ‘human’!

But you know who is going to rock at it, my son Charlie!  I am going to dedicate this post to this fabulous young man who is on the eve of turning the big 1-8.  I have to say he is one amazing little human, and I don’t wanna brag but, that’s right people, my mediocre parenting did that. Suck it those who said “babies having babies is a terrible idea”, just kidding we were grown ass people(<—- using the term loosely) when we had him. Chris and I rehashed some of our parenting from our parents, some from Dr. Spock and a lot from the book “Why You Crying” by George Lopez….. which we found out later is NOT a parenting book.  At the end of the day, Chris and I did lots of things really well, some we were guessing the whole time and others were just plain shady as hell, and this right here describes our parenting style; but looking at Charlie….”We Nailed It”!   Now don’t get me wrong he is not a perfect child but it truly takes 2 minutes on google news to see we could have done worse…Seriously parents its like some of you aren’t even trying.  Also, to be fair, we only have one, how embarrassing it will be to screw up the ONE.  Truth be told if my mom had nothing to brag about from us, I will be out of the will yesterday…..and by a ‘will’ I mean the piece of paper where she writes who she wants to leave the junk in her house to when she goes.  Newsflash mom, nobody wants your collection of crochet pot holders.

So our Charlie will be turning 18 this Thursday and we don’t know where that time went. I blinked and he went from that little 5 year old asking me to make him his favorite grilled cheese sandwich to a grown 17 year old…..asking me to make him his favorite grilled cheese……man that kid is boring, and if I see another piece of bread and cheese I will lose it.  He truly amazes us, not just “wow we kept you alive, healthy and happy for 18 years” amazing but also “you are kind, compassionate and respectful” amazing.  You are welcome world!  He is probably not perfect on paper AKA Facebook, where everyone compares their kids, pets and dinners these days apparently, but in real life he is killing it.  He is our child so he has his flaws, I mean look at us, how could he not.  He is a little neurotic, anxious, loud and stubborn.  There are also times when I think “man this kid is super smart”, then I see him try to open a child proof bottle of tylenol….for 15 minutes.. and I’m like “yeeeeahh I might want to fix up my basement”.  Overall Chris and I are so proud of the young man he has become and though we still have some more parenting to do, I think we are on the right track.  So this Thursday not only will we be celebrating Charlie but secretly Chris and I will toast to 18 years and with one look we will high five each other and say “Dude we did that, watch me do three more!”


We love you Charlie O

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