Taking the W this Week! Can I get an Amen!

“”Yes I speak teenager!  Though I have to tell you at some point, a teen to human dictionary would make a killing on Amazon.  Anyway, taking a W means taking a win. This past week we have managed to turn this year around.  If you recall a few months back I mentioned that the Army had already decided that we needed a change and they were relocating us next June.   Well that was certainly weighing on our minds since we didn’t want to disrupt our on-going adoption process and endure everything that goes along with that (change in local agency, redo home study, redo I-800a paperwork etc). Even when we saw things closer with the approval to study a sibling group’s file and writing a letter of intent to adopt them, we still dreaded the move since it would mean disrupting their adjustment period.  Well, as we always do in this family, we hoped for a hail Mary and this one was in the form of a promotion for my dear hubby.  Don’t get me wrong, I think he is the most qualified, competent, intelligent born leader that has ever commissioned in the US Army (not to mention he is absolutely eye candy in that uniform………<blank stare smile>… where was I going with this?…oh yeah) but I’m very biased and the draw down of troops and the economic challenges for the Department of Defense didn’t make us feel confident.  Well the official list came out last Tuesday and next April/May my wonderful husband will be pinning on the rank of Colonel in the U.S Army.  This couldn’t have come at a better time since it opens up more doors for us and gives us a better chance at stabilization.

We are also making way in the push to finally be approved to adopt these kids.  Really, nothing has come easy in this process.  As you know, we hit a delay when our child turned 18 two weeks ago and needed to be fingerprinted (which he did like a champ…after I signed him out of school, drove him there, and signed the paper for him to do it…but sure…. an adult…ok).  Peru also came at us with needing a change to our psychological evaluation.  Now that one I called, I think I’m a bit of a psychic and not like when I predicted that I won’t pass that music history exam freshman year, as I headed to that frat party the night before, but I just knew one more roadblock was coming.   Today we saw the psychologist to update our evaluation which will reflect that we are capable of adoptibg a child up to 12 years of age.  Now just to remind you how ridiculous that sounds, our last evaluation stated that we can adopt 3 children 2-8 years of age, so technically the “400$, 2 hours out of my life, 45 minutes out of my way” evaluation update seems as unnecessary as a bra was for me for…..well…all through high school. (true story…sad story.. but true story).  So again I had to hunt down the psychologist that worked with us last time only to find out she has moved.  We met with her replacement and hopefully she is as fast on her evaluation as the last one was.

So like I said before, this week we are taking the Win and hopefully the stars align and everyone works fast in getting our documents completed and we can finally breathe knowing that in a few months we could be bringing our children home.

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