A Day in the Life of Adoption Errands

So here I was again returning to NYC to notarize, authenticate and apostille documents for, hopefully, the last time throughout this adoption process. Here is how my day went. Woke up at the butt-crack of dawn to make sure my ‘adult’ (he’s all of 18 now) son gets all the things he needs for school and the last soccer game of his high school career. Just writing this is tearing at my heart strings but that is another blog post all together. I had plans to hit the gym before my crazy day officially began but my yoga pants whispered to me ‘I won’t tell if you won’t’ and with that I rested in bed for a half hour more. I skimmed through the news of the day, and by that I mean I surfed Facebook. Just kidding I don’t consider FB news, NPR/BBC are my preferred sources. I finally coaxed the dog up from bed, fed her and let her run around while I got myself together. At this point I’m trying to quickly do some kind of cleaning but really I’m just walking around in pajamas collecting crap and cursing at the people that live with me like a deranged house wife from one of the square states. I’m out of the house by 8:15 to meet the notary public at the psychologist office to sign our 1.5 page evaluation that took 2 weeks and 400$ to write. By the way, if I hadn’t brought the “have notary stamp, will travel” lady, the psychologist would have made me wait another two weeks. So by 1:30 that afternoon I had almost missed a train to NYC, pushed my way into a full subway where I’m sure I unintentionally went to second base with an embarrassed tourist, and finally arrived at the state department office where the apostille took all of 15 minutes. Oh and yes most of this story happens again on the return trip, with the added bonus that I fell asleep and if hubby hadn’t texted (I’m sure to ask me to do some kind of nonsense errand) I would have ended up a few stations north of where I left my car. Solid day! I truly can’t believe I have done this for almost 4 years. You would think that by now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, truth is, I don’t. Especially since in the mail arrived our updated home study with mistakes that need to be corrected, notarized, copied and mailed again. Needless to say I drank dinner that night and called it a day. Of course it was 6:30 in the afternoon, but you get how my day went, and NO people I’m not embarrassed by that one bit. IMG_1739

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