If I Hear “Be Patient” One More Time….

….One more time..I dare you….try me!! When it comes to adoption for a family that has been waiting for over 4 years, telling someone to ‘be patient’ is asking God to take your life.  It creates the same emotions of rage and resentment you give a new mother when you say her newborn is ugly. Ok, I know, I am probably being overly dramatic….. and maybe a little murdery, but if you have been following my blog you should know I don’t even own a middle button. Seriously, ask my husband how much FUN it has been for him trying to find it. The truth is, lately that phrase has been my ‘nails on a chalkboard’, you know you have one too. It’s the word or phrase, that when you hear it, it makes you question if you have enough street smarts to go to jail for this douchebag. I heard it today and honestly it drove me to instinctively start taking my earrings off and putting my hair up hoping the person gets it and starts running. Unfortunately, she apparently wasn’t raised in the same…let’s say.. ‘urban area’ I was and didn’t recognize the danger sign.

So let me update you on where we are in the adoption process. I think this will give you a better idea of why I am, for lack of better words, losing my shit lately. We submitted our I-800a for approval but much like anything government related, it isn’t moving fast enough. We just received a notice that they received our application and (silver lining) at least they didn’t need any corrections from us. They still have to review it and send us a biometrics appointment for the new ‘adult’ in the house. Not sure how long this will take but fast is not my guess. Once we have the I-800a approval, it is sent to Peru and they officially approve us to adopt them and (this is my absolute favorite) we can initiate communication with them.  I was hoping everything had been done before Christmas because I hate that they are spending another Christmas without a forever family and we also wanted to send gifts but that may not be realistic now.  I also hate that we know about them now and I will actually miss them during the holidays. Yup lots of feels there.

I know that those who tell me to be patient mean well but just know that I am now using it as a drinking game. It’s either that or resort to physical violence and you know I’m trying to get good with the lord. I kid, but seriously it is annoying so just don’t. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate that most people care enough to try to say something with the intent to help. ‘Patience’ after 4+ year at this, is not it.  Vent with me, curse with me, drink with me but don’t ask me to be patient anymore, for that ship has sailed….and crashed…and burned.  Thank you!    IMG_2073

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