Things I’ve Learned Through Adoption

NOTHING……that’s right, I have learned NOTHING!!  I don’t know what to tell you people, 5 years in and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.  So I guess, that is what I have learned……that I know nothing.  I have learned that the process is so individualized that you can only document the official paperwork required for your country and the country you are adopting from.  Everything else has no timeline whatsoever and too many variable to decipher one.  It’s a combination of perfect timing, luck, and voodoo magic…….I kid about the last one……..or do I?  I can tell you the what, the where and to an extent, the how, but the when and why are all individualized to you.  We finished the paperwork required in 2 years and we were ready to be matched in 3.  Now of course we had a crappy agency whose work ethic was pretty similar to our government on shutdown……..eek too soon? Well let’s just say they were not the most efficient, forthcoming and helpful to the people they served……I’m sorry… is it STILL sounding like the government to you?  Ok no more laughing!  Our agency now is heaps better and communicates everything that is happening so (INNER VOICE: we don’t lose our shit) we can be more informed about our progress.  In one year we are so much closer to being matched and finalizing an adoption.  To describe where we are in the process….say… in running terms (we are runners here).  We basically see the finish line but now we have to walk… heels….in mud.  We are tired, we are sweaty, we are questioning how the first miles could be so fun and exciting and now we are revisiting all our life choices.  We always remember the finish line though, if we could just focus on that, this whole race might not suck so bad.  Well at least maybe we won’t remember the sucky parts.

Waiting……Waiting……. Waiting…..Waiting

We are now waiting to hear if we are approved to study another sibling group.  According to Peru rules, this should only take 10 days or less.  Last time it took them 18 days soooooo….. “Nailed It”.  Hopefully this time we are closer to 10.  Once we get their files to study we have 15 days to say yay or nay.  Uhmm duh!  That’s going to be a solid yay.  So as not to look so desperate we will wait at least 24 hours to respond but lets face it, that letter is already written, signed and on the scanner as I write.  Yup, we are that desperate to get this going.  Fingers crossed we will be reaching yet another milestone early next week.  So I don’t end this post in such a negative tone, let me just say adoption is beautiful, yada, yada, yada, I want my kids home already!  Have a great weekend!

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