Oh Peru you never disappoint!

Why would I think that they will ever meet their own deadlines in approvals?  That’s my fault, I know how we Peruvians are.  We have never been on time or early for anything.  That’s just how we roll people!  If it wasn’t that I married into the military where, apparently, it is frown upon to be late to anything; I would still be the “2 hours late” girl.  Just so you can understand how bad it is.  When my husband and I got married we had two invitations, at least 2 different instructions were included in some invites.  One was for 2pm which was our true wedding time and some had 12:30pm as the wedding time.  Guess who got what?  Plot twist: They were still late. That’s right AUNT LUZ you were late!!!  So here we are 21 days into a 10 day wait for approval to study a case.  Gahhhh, Peru you are killing me!!! They give me a timeline and I fall for it EVERY SINGLE TIME!! I know our rep in Peru is working very hard for us to get an answer so we can finalize things before we have to move from this state and if I have any advice to people starting the process is this; Introduce yourselves and speak to your in-country rep, they will always advocate for you but if they know you personally, its a better relationship.

Our concern is that Peru’s ‘consejo’ will meet either today or tomorrow and we desperately wanted to be in it.  ‘CONSEJO’ is the word for counsel.  They basically hold a board meeting with representatives from 6 institutions:  Ministerio de la Mujer y Poblaciones Vulnerables, el Ministerio de Justicia; Colegio de Abogados de Lima; Colegio de Trabajadores Sociales del Perú; y el Colegio de Psicólogos del Perú.  They receive the potential matches and decide if it will be a good fit and they do a final decision which officially matches children with their potential adoptive parents.  This is the last step before receiving the paperwork you then present to the state department (in the case of the US) so you can then receive the final ok from your country to travel to get your children.  Now do you see how close we are!! All this, of course, has to happen before we receive orders from the US Army officially ordering us to do a permanent change of station (PCS).  This order also has a report date, so if we are told we must report to our next duty station June 20th, we better be there on June 20th or earlier.  They are very persuasive that way :-).  Like I said before, we don’t bite the hand that feeds us.

Sooooooo waiting, waiting, waiting, is what we are still doing!  Waiting to hear when and where we are moving.  Waiting to hear if we are approved and entering consejo, and our son is waiting to hear from his top school for this fall.  We hate living in limbo but I can’t say we are not familiar with the neighborhood.  If you are reading this, please send us your best vibes for a good outcome in all the waits.

One thought on “Oh Peru you never disappoint!

  1. Hopefully everything is progressing well.

    I am never able to understand how Peruvians can stand to have nothing work on time. If there is a way to delay something they will use it then find another for good measure.

    We had to twice reschedule our departure flights due to delays even though we had given ourselves extra time. We also had the advantage of my wife’s experience as a legal secretary in Peru prior to our marriage. She knew how to simply push or threaten her way through closed doors to move things along.

    In the end it is all more than worth it.

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