Out of Bed Today!…Tomorrow.. Pants!!

Sorry! No updates this time, trust me I wish there were, but I just wanted to thank so many of you who have offered words of encouragement, prayers, good wishes, positive vibes and just all who share in my shock and disappointment.  I am a linguist by profession, of course in Romanic languages, but seeing good luck, удачи (I think its Russian?)  B’sha’ah tovah, shubhkaamnaaen and buena suerte just warms this language lover’s soul.  I have to say, I was a little shocked that my blog is being read outside of the United States………and now I feel like I have to apologize……well… for this….all this….just a general I’m sorry for the bad grammar and the many incoherent rants.  Full disclosure: I am not a writer.  I am more of a talker and even that is kinda questionable since I tend to ramble.  Someone also suggested that I should turn this blog into a book when we have completed our adoption.  First of all, how sweet of you to think that I am that savvy with technology that I would even know how to do that.  Second, have you been following my blog? I think this ‘book’ might just kill my high school english teacher.  My intention for this blog was to document a real international adoption from Peru, however, recently I thought this might also be a great keepsake for our adopted children to read (when they are older) to see how much we went through for them, how much they were wanted and waited for.  Perhaps a book would not be a bad idea, if I can figure out how that works, of course.  I would hope it would be a great gift for them.

So again, thanks everyone for sharing words of encouragement, well wishes and just the opportunity for self-pity and to vent.  I gave myself some time to lick my wounds, throw my tantrums, get my sh-tuff together and move forward as quickly as we can.  Hopefully my next post will be great news.  Stay tuned!

Here are two memes that describe our last couple of days, for your enjoyment.  🙂


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