Just so we are clear…..all the things that could go wrong in an adoption process…DID.

Ok I might be a little dramatic and to be fair, we are not done yet and I hope that all these things happen on this side of the process and not when we are in country.  To recap, with an agency closing, losing money to said agency, not being on Peru’s system AT ALL due to said agency not doing their job for a year, Peru not disclosing certain info that forced us to desist on our first match, Peru adding information (and an extra child) last minute on second match which we could not pursue either and finally the newest doozy, not doing the complete paperwork on the children of our third match which now forces us to wait until it is properly completed, I think we can write a book titled “What can go wrong on an international (Peruvian) adoption”.  I mean we wouldn’t have the answers on how to fix any of them, but at least we can tell you how to emotionally prepare for them.

Right now, we are waiting on a signature that should have been there since the kids were deemed orphans and went on the priority list back in June.  No one bothered to check this for a year until, of course, we requested to study the file.  Apparently we seem to be the family that has been catching Peru’s shortcoming so they can fix them.  We are the equivalent to Target’s secret shoppers, you know, those narcs that pretend to shop in order to catch the problems that target can then rectify for ‘next time’.  We have become Peru’s secret adopters.  You are welcome Peru!

Waiting has become this family’s superpower.  We are good at it now.  This time, again, they told us to expect an answer and the approval to come in a week.  Oh Peru, we do this dance EVERY SINGLE TIME.  You say one week, we wink and say sure but we both know you mean 3.  Let’s not do this! For once I want the conversation to go something like this.

Me: How long do you think it’s going to take to fix the simple problem you guys were so incompetent to let slip by for a year that a family now has to wait for?

Peru: (oh and when I say Peru, you know I don’t mean the entire country, right? Anywhoo) Well it will be one week for us to find a person to look at it, another week to decide who’s fault it was and complain about it and a third week to get around to it.

Me: cool, talk to you next month.

See, this would be a more realistic conversation of the interactions we have had.  It would avoid the stress level we have been experiencing at our house lately.  Yesterday alone, I had a 30 minute phone conversation and 20 of those I spent looking for my phone.  Yup, the stress level is high!  The one acceptable wine glass with dinner sometimes turns into 2…..3 tops….ok truth be told sometimes 5 go down like chubby me on a see-saw back in 3rd grade, fast, hard and freaking most people out, don’t judge.  The week is almost over and we have heard nothing.  And the ‘dance’ continues.

One thought on “Just so we are clear…..all the things that could go wrong in an adoption process…DID.

  1. That sounds extremely stressful. Blessed your heart to deal with incompetency and indiference. Now wonder why the process takes forever and it is so expensive. Forbidden almost. I found out that Peru is about to release licenses to some agencies in Usa to include a list of children that not necessarily are in their priority list (currently that is how it works), however it stopped due to recent government changes. I was told it may takes another month to know more about it. Prayers for you


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