May 1st is National College Decision Day! yup, it’s real:)

This post won’t have much on adoption since we are STILL waiting on an approval!  This post is going to be about the kid that’s already with us, our bio child Charlie and the rockstar parents that got him here.  Today is National College Decision Day!  I’m not making that up, it’s a thing, I swear!  Apparently it isn’t like what I went through, you see I knew where I was going because I played ‘auctioneer’ with the few state schools that accepted me to see who would give me more money.  So decision day for me went something like this.  “girl with no money here, very little As, excellent swimmer, who is giving athletic grants, go”, “I got 5000$ a year here, who gives me 6K?”, “I got 10K, who gives me room and board”, “10k, 5k towards room and board going once, twice, sold to the school with the crappy dorms”.  Of course that was followed by ‘national work your ass off to get the college deposit money on the due date’.  Good times, Good times!!  Today, however, we are celebrating all those high school seniors who, in this day and age, and with the brutal competition they faced, managed to persevere and reap the fruits of their labor.  They decided higher education was for them early in their high school journey and worked their little Generation Z butts to make that happen.  They visited schools, they explored different fields, they searched a bajillion grants and scholarships, they filled out many applications, wrote a million essays, took numerous standardize tests and waited, and waited, and waited.  These kids were left to see if all the effort they put in resulted in success, and during January through March the answers trickled in.  They had the disappointment that comes when a school gives you a NO but the YESes were the most beautiful validation they needed. Kudos to you, high school senior!  At a time when high school is more like a scene from The Hunger Games and you are looking for the odds to be in your favor, you did it!

Now to my high school senior parents, I see you!!  I lived your struggle.  I felt like I went through senior year all over again, and not the fun part.  We yelled, we nagged, we comforted and we celebrated.  We bit our tongue and we mumbled all the foul language…well..sometimes. At the end, we helped them get through this as best we could.  Cheers to you, high school senior parent, because at the end of the day, we kept the kid alive, they are graduating high school and they are heading off to college.  BOOM!! Drop the mic because they are (insert respective college here)’s problem now.  Truth be told, yes, we are going to miss them.  I personally, waver between “I don’t know what I’m going to do without him” to looking him dead in his eye and saying “are you still here? Start packing”  After all, they are still teenagers, am I right?

Now, my Charlie has made us proud!!  He is going to go out and do great things!  For the next 4 years he will be doing these great things at New Jersey Institute of Technology.  I cannot wait to see how he tackles this world.  Charlie may not be class valedictorian, or a division 1 athlete and that’s A-ok.  He is average and well rounded and the most compassionate and loving kid I know and THAT (with his great work ethic) will take him far.  To my hubby Chris, fist bump sweetheart.  We flipping did it!! Let’s drink to that!!

Happy National College Decision day to all these kiddos and all the proud parents.  Start collecting those tissues, graduation is upon us!

Feel free to share this post with your favorite HS senior or senior parent, the struggle was real but we survived 🙂

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