“Progress” -a word I thought I’d never use. Adoption is hella stressful!!

So last I left you, the resolution had been passed making the kids orphans free for adoption. Well we quickly sent a letter requesting to study their files and we waited to be approved to do so. We assumed Peru would take their sweet time because 1. That’s just what they do and 2. It was during Peru Independence day, which means nobody works. Well lo and behold we were approved within the week. WHAT??? We were shocked to say the least and quickly scrambled to write the letter of request to adopt. We were basking in our good fortune and enjoying the ease of the process when, of course, as per the usual, the universe raised its hand giving us the proverbial middle finger. We found out that our USCIS paperwork was soon expiring and we needed to redo and repay for fingerprints, background checks, homestudy etc. Oh YESSSSS! This is more how we roll!! Well played homeland security, well played. Every year for 5 years you have checked us out thoroughly (short of a cavity check, and I would authorized that if it buys us more time between them…..uhmmm yeah maybe not…I will need some serious wooing for that and lots of drinks) and have found us to be outstanding-ish citizens and ok-ish parents. Of course this couldn’t have come at at worst time, but if that wasn’t enough of a kick in the junk, Peru recently, and by recently I mean they found out things were going too easy for us and said hey let’s change an entire law here to mess with them. So, of course, the letter that we sent a week ago was given back to our rep with the explanation that, from here on (so from when the Oxendines gave their letter in) Peru now requires all letters to be notarized and apostilled. Oy vey! Here is the kicker, we were on vacation when we heard. Oh and by vacation I mean I tagged along when my husband had a work thing. Yes people, this is how we vacation these days because of how much this adoption is costing us, he travels for work and I either use points or find the cheapest flight and tag along. I get to stay in his room because its already paid for and I tour the city while he’s working. Well in this occasion we happened to be in Washington State and so one whole day was dedicated to just getting us over this hurdle. These are the steps I had to take: I got a friend to go inside my house (yes its always open….and I just looked through the blog to make sure my address wasn’t in it, not because of any of you honest readers….other people). find my computer get the letter we wrote and email it to me. After I made her swear to not look through my pics I thanked her and send her on her way. I printed said letter and looked for a notary that will take us on the spot. I had to find someone close to hubby’s work thing so he can walk over during lunch and sign with me. Once I got that I had to go to the capitol building in Olympia Washington (thank God we were in the capital) and apostille the document. After sending it overnight to our agency I was back at the hotel for happy hour…..cause adoption is hella stressful and momma needed a drink. I have to say, I was super resourceful and quick on my feet with this one. Full disclosure, after landing in Washington State and getting this voicemail, I was a mess for about an hour and then, as always, got my crap together, put my big girl panties on and went in all adoption beast mode. I do amaze myself sometimes with how determined and tenacious I am….buuuut then there’s times when I can’t even find my pants to leave the house. Its called balance people! So now we are patiently waiting to get a visit from our social worker for the homestudy redo, for USCIS to send us the clear and for us to be approved to adopt these kids. Basically we are just waiting, AGAIN!

Takeaways of this post:
1. Make note that requests have to be notarized and apostilled from now on
2. Make sure you are keeping track of the USCIS expiration dates
3. Don’t tell people your house is never locked.

Here are some pics of the Capitol building in Washington State complete with the beautifully apostilled document!

One thought on ““Progress” -a word I thought I’d never use. Adoption is hella stressful!!

  1. It does not surprise me the tremendous amount of time you taken to fullfill requirements due to government burocracy in Peru. They have no idea of the whole process you already have gone through with the agency and all the paperwork completed, or they dont seem to care. What else do they need? Why do they make this process more complicated than it should be?….anyway. I admire your determination..Best of luck


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