I’m ok, We are ok, Everyone’s ok

WE ARE NOT OK! By we, I mean me. So in less than a week I will be dropping my son off at college. I like to say that I am excited and proud and happy for him, and although I truly am all those things, I am also super nervous and sad. What is my deal? I am generally not a feels kind of person. Some even go as far as to say I have a heart of stone, I punch those people in the throat, but I digress. This has literally been one of the hardest weeks thus far. I know I am probably smothering him but I think I’m fully justified since this is the beginning of the end, not in a dramatic weird way but in the “he will never live full time under my roof again” way. I find myself staring at him as he naps. Which FYI what the hell does he have to be so tired about, he already quit his job. Annd there’s the Jessica I know. Seriously though, every little thing he does now (no matter how moronic I thought it was before) sends me into hysterics because I will miss it. You might also say I am buying his love and time with dorm purchases but really I think he is also enjoying having some alone time with both his dad and I. You wouldn’t know it of course by the yelling match that transpired yesterday but we are in a good place. This is what the neighbors heard (I apologized already, not so much for what I said, but because our windows were open):

Me: Charlie, you are not going to another movie or dinner with your friends, since you promised time with me before you go to college.
Charlie: Oh my God mom, you are going to see me some weekends and breaks. (I let the ‘some’ go because it would have started argument #2)
Me: I don’t care, you are going to spend time with your father and I until you leave.
Charlie: Really? You have got to give me some personal space.
Me: (and this is the part I was not very proud of) What? Listen child you came out of my “personal space”, so until I drop your little butt of in NJ, you are mine.
Charlie: OH MY GOD MOM!! I want to jump in front of a car.
Me: Well it better not be until I drop you off at school.
Charlie: UGHHH and runs off.

So parents with college age kiddos, is this normal? Well not so much us, as the feelings and fights and sadness?

Today was a good day though. We went dorm shopping and I think I must have spent half a semester tuition. You are welcome Target! Who am I kidding it was Walmart. Of course the boujee kid wanted to hit up Bed Bath and freaken Beyond. I laughed and laughed, cause I thought he forgot who we were. He did say thank you so that was nice. Let’s hope I can make it to move-in day without a) Becoming a blubbering mess or b) Killing him. I tell you, the feelings are extreme right now.

Here is the damage we did!!

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