….Annnnd These Things Just Happened!

So it appears that the universe always sends us good things just in time to keep us from completely losing our s&%$. Well this time it was two things, kinda waiting for the third (don’t things happen in 3s?). Anyway, the first one is that hubby is on the list to be promoted effective September 1st! Colonel in the house!!! He also just got a new position, that I should know what it is and I feel like a jerk for not learning but I will find out ASAP because it seems super important. This one of course is the best news but the next one is hella exciting for me. I recently made the list of Top 100 Mom blogs of 2018. Since there are, I’m sure, a bajillion moms and gazillion of those moms might have blogs, I think this is pretty special. Let’s just hope nobody is getting fired for choosing this one. Just in case, no givesies backsies, and if I could lick the widget I already placed on my site I would (and I just sort’a did). Well, well, well what do you know, you are not reading garbage and people like this blog. Ooooh now I feel like I have to step my game. Yeah….. I don’t do new stuff, it kind’a seems like a lot of work for a widget. Sorry but this is what you get.

Here is the crap I had to buy with his new rank….FYI NOT CHEAP 😦

And this is the fancy little widget I got to put on my site…..FYI FREE 🙂

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