The Amazing Race… get more adoption papers done…that is!

Last Friday we get a call from our agency with the urgency to get the USCIS approval we had just received apostilled and sent directly to Peru because the DGA was meeting the following Wednesday. It was an unscheduled meeting and they needed to have our approval there Monday for us to be considered. What ensued next was nothing short of a “An Amazing Race” episode where yours truly was NOT a winner. First of all I was getting a very needed haircut at the moment which ended abruptly when I heard I needed to run to NYC to get this done. Yes I have yet to return to the salon to get the finish product but for now, let’s call this haircut freestyle layers. It is 10:20 at this point and I have to run home, pick up the approval and drive to the train station to take the 11:15 which will have me in the city by noon. Having done this trek a bajillion times in our 5 years at this, I know that I have to be in the NY Deparment of State office by 1:30 today or they will no longer do it while I wait. Since I still had to take the subway downtown and walk a few blocks not to mention I had to buy a money order since hubby decided today of all days to take the checkbook to work, it was going to be a challenge. After I ripped hubby a new one on the phone for the inconvenience of looking for a money order seller(which he took like a champ since he knew I didn’t mean it and I was just frustrated) I jumped in the car and I was off. I arrived at the office at 1:24 only to see the line was already ginormous and I know from experience that at 1:30 they stop the line and tell people to either leave the papers to be done and picked up the following business day or to come back. There were 4 people still in front of me at 1:30 but they chose to stop the line two people after me so I was good! First obstacle done! When I got to the window however, I was told that they could not apostille the paper because it was not notarized. I panicked!! This isn’t my first rodeo and I know that since this paper was already sent by the federal government (Homeland Security) it was already at the highest authority thus no need to notarize it, I thought. I was wrong, very, very wrong! Apparently I needed to have an affidavit stating what the paper was and this paper had to be notarized and authenticated before it could be apostilled. It was already 1:40. The lady saw I was almost in tears and told me that if I make it back before 3(they close at 3:30) she will get it done for me. With that information the race was on. My first step was to find a notary. I ran into law offices and banks for three blocks, shout out to the notary at TD bank who saw me in tears and notarized my paper even though I don’t bank with them. Second obstacle completed. I then ran to the NYC courthouse as fast as I could. I knew this running for exercise was going to pay off someday, by now it was 2:25. I made the line to authenticate the notary and I was feeling good about my timeline until I got to the counter. Apparently since the approval had been sent to my husband, even though my name appeared as spouse, he was supposed to have gotten the affidavit himself, so all the running around I did and all the money I had just spent was for nothing because they could not authenticate it therefore it could not be apostilled. Third obstacle, failed. I left there a mess! Uneven hair wet from rain and sweat from running and tears. That train ride back home was the worst. On an up note, the train was full but I had the whole seat to myself, since no one dared sit next to the crazy looking emotional girl. When I got home my representative promised to present a copy on Wednesday and crossing our fingers they just might allow it. We also heard they might meet again at the end of the month. With that information hubby and I made the trek into the city Monday morning got the job done and paid to overnight the precious document straight to Peru. Here’s hoping Wednesday we get good news!!

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